UFO Whistleblower: Alien Attack On SpaceX Rocket Carrying Weaponized Satellite Signals Escalation Of Secret ET Space War To Control Earth [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A space program whistleblower claims that the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1 signals further escalation of an alleged space war between the secret space programs of rival military superpowers backed by warring extraterrestrial species.

According to whistleblower Corey Goode, who claims to have worked with one of the top government-ET space program alliances, a rival space program shot down the SpaceX rocket to prevent a space-based laser weapon, built and secretly incorporated into Facebook's Amos-6 satellite, from being launched into space, Exopolitics reports.

Multiple whistleblowers, including Goode, have come forward in recent years, claiming that the major geopolitical rivals, such as the U.S., Russia, and China, are running secret space programs formed through competing alliances with rival extraterrestrial powers, the Inquisitr reported.

According to Goode, the destruction of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and its Amos-6 satellite payload, signals further escalation of an allegedly ongoing secret space war between the ruling elite of rival superpower nations and the rival extraterrestrial species backing them.

Conspiracy theorist Michael Salla writes on his Exopolitics blog that Goode claims in his latest testimony that frame-by-frame analysis of the video of the SpaceX explosion taken on September 1 provides conclusive evidence of an escalating struggle between the rival ET-backed secret space programs.

The payload, according to the Inquisitr, was Facebook's $150 million Amos-6 satellite.

Conspiracy theory analysts, such as the blogger Jim Stone and Ian Greenhalgh, claim that video uploaded online proves the explosion was caused by a UFO that fired at the launch pad and not by an "'anomaly' that developed around the upper stage oxygen tank," as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) engineers reportedly claimed.

According to Stone, the explosion could not have been caused by a fuel tank breach because it started at the top of the rocket near the UFO that was spotted flying over the launchpad and not at the bottom of the launchpad.

Stone insisted that the video shows the UFO firing at the rocket as it passed close to the launchpad and then flying away at a great speed.

"The attack was intended to prevent the satellite reaching Earth orbit to perform a nefarious purpose."

Greenhalgh agreed with Stone that the explosion was due to a "deliberate act of destruction" by a hostile agent.

"Note that the explosion occurs near the top of the rocket, where there aren't any fuel tanks," wrote Greenhalgh echoing Stone's analysis. "The explosion is also far hotter than would be caused by rocket fuel. The rocket fuel burning comes several frames later and is quite different looking -- the colors are reds and oranges with black and grey smoke."

"This is a secondary explosion where the rocket fuel was ignited by the primary explosion further up the rocket," he concluded.

According to Salla, analysis of 10 frames of footage of the failed pre-launch test revealed two UFOs that appeared moments before the explosion. One of the two UFOs flew above the rocket and fired at it.

"You will see a small looking UFO buzz by the rocket as it explodes!" an analyst wrote. "The UFO buzzes by the head of the rocket coming from the right side and moving to the left side of the screen at incredible speed."

Greenhalgh also insisted that the video shows a small spherical UFO craft that fired "a kind of laser or beam weapon" at the rocket.

"This is definitely some type of secret space program weapon technology being used. The secret space program war is in full view."

"A small spherical object that flies from right to left on the screen and appears to have fired some kind of laser or beam weapon at the rocket."

The Inquisitr reported that conspiracy theorists claimed the official story that Facebook's Amos-6 satellite was being launched to space to give "poor Africans free internet" was only "PR spin."

According to Greenhalgh, the IAI was planning secretly to launch an advanced weapon believed to be a "space based laser weapon."

Aliens decided they had to destroy it before it could be placed in orbit.

According to Salla, there is independent evidence corroborating claims by whistleblowers about an on-going ET space war.

The need to beef up U.S. space war capabilities to counter alien threat explains why President Barack Obama recently proposed to Congress the implementation of an "integrated policy" to deter aggression from space enemies, according to conspiracy theorists (see White House letter discussing the proposal here).

Conspiracy theorists also claim that latest mathematical analysis by physicists, such as Duncan H. Forgan, supports claims about exopolitical squabbles between rival intergalactic ET alliances or "cliques" fighting for control over space territories.

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