Ann Romney, ‘Slacker Mom,’ Shares Best Parenting Tips

Ann Romney has proudly taken the position of stay-at-home mom, a role that has been oft-scorned since the reign of Hillary Clinton. But here’s a little secret: even Ann Romney is a slacker when it comes to motherhood. That’s right, even the mother if five, who Today calls “powerful and poised,” resorted to a few cut corners.

In an interview with Jay Leno, Romney admits her interesting method for getting five young boys dressed and out the door for church each Sunday morning. Apperently, Romney got those boys all dressed and ready for church … on Saturday night. That’s right, she had those boys sleep in their church clothes so they’d be ready as soon as they opened their little eyes in the morning. “All dressed up, ready to go to church, woke them up in the morning, comb their hair, look pretty good to me, out the door you go,” Romney told Leno.

With five boys and 18 grandchildren, Romney is bound to have some tricks up her sleeve. And this one, I just might try.

After raising her five boys (she and Mitt lost a baby, another boy, several months into her pregnancy), she has lots to share. Romney shares with The Seattle Times how she prayed that her sons would find good wives, and how watching them raise their children now is “payback for the ruckus they caused growing up.” Son Craig’s wife, Mary, says that Romney is like a second mother, “teaching her how to cook, shop for heels, and ‘how to be a kinder, gentler, wife and mother.’ ” To her accolades, Mary Romney added: “I only hope that one day, my boys respect and love me half as much as my husband and his brothers respect and love their mother. You should hear my husband pray for his mom and for her health. They adore her.”

Although shopping for heels isn’t super high on my list of motherhood priorities, I wouldn’t mind borrowing some of Romney’s cooking skills, which she allegedly shares with those traveling with her husband’s presidential campaign.

While her husband may not ever make it to the White House, Ann Romney should be proud of the family that she has raised. She has stood by her family-centered values even in the midst of a culture that calls for the “mother who does it all,” exemplifying the importance of cooking and cleaning and taking your kids to church. Although now, at 63 and with a rumored $250 million dollars, I wonder exactly how much cleaning she does.

But let’s give the woman some credit. If I add three boys to the two I already have, and raise them well to be mature adults who turn into good parents, I am definitely rewarding myself with house-keeping services.

Watch her interview with Jay Leno below: