September 3, 2016
BLACKPINK: Is Jisoo Standing Out Over Other Three Members In YG Entertainment's New K-Pop Girl Group Because She Looks Like Dara Of 2NE1?

Black Pink, the new K-pop girl group formed under the YG Entertainment banner, is standing out compared to other K-pop girl groups these days. After debuting about a month ago on August 8, Black Pink has dominated in ways nobody expected for a debuting K-pop group of any kind. Just in their debut week alone, their music videos garnered over 26 million views on YouTube and their song "Whistle" (shown above) achieved both an All-Kill followed by a Perfect All-Kill in the Korean charts. Such an impact surely sent a message to their competition, specifically Twice under JYP Entertainment and Red Velvet under SM Entertainment.

Besides the accomplishments Black Pink has earned so far, they are also standing out for being the first to do certain things differently pertaining to K-pop groups in general. They are the first K-pop group to release two debut songs. Usually, K-pop groups release only one debut song, hype it up, and promote it as best as they could. Black Pink went above and beyond the call with two which means twice the recognition, but also twice the work.

Also, Black Pink is the first K-pop group to have no leader. According to AllKpop, YG Entertainment creator and CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave a brief statement why none of the girls have been appointed the task.

"There were many groups that YG birthed, and we decided to go without a leader for Black Pink. The group never had a leader from the get-go. Because the four of them spent such a long time together, whenever a project is suggested to them, they discuss it together for the results."
By standing as a whole, Black Pink is, as mentioned earlier, standing out compared to other K-pop groups. Despite this direction, though, it seems the K-pop community is making one of Black Pink's members, Jisoo, stand out from the rest. Is it because Jisoo looks a lot like Dara from 2NE1?Many K-pop fans, especially Blackjacks who also find themselves fans of Black Pink, noticed the visual similarities between Jisoo and Dara. Numerous fan sites and groups on social media posted up multiple comparisons. At first glance, both girls really do look alike but upon further inspection, there are some notable differences. Overall, though, they do look similar as if they were siblings, Dara being Jisoo's noona of course.

Also, Jisoo and Dara have been seen together way before Jisoo's debut as the senior (in age and training) member of Black Pink. Back in May last year, the Korean Broadcasting System aired their most successful K-drama for the year, Producer. Starring Kim Soo Hyun, Chae Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and IU, the K-drama was about what it is like for producers and actors to work together on a variety show shown through a compelling story. In a couple of episodes, YG Entertainment talent made cameo appearances. Two of them were Jisoo (credited as Kim Ji Soo) and Dara (credited as Sandara Park).

Jeongyeon, Twice, JYP Entertainment, SBS, Inkigayo
Jeongyeon (left) is one of the hosts on "Inkigayo." However, she will be busy with promotions in Twice. Therefore, Jisoo will guest host in her place. [Image via Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)]Jisoo looking a lot like Dara is causing her to stand out above the other three members of Black Pink. As a matter of fact, it was Jisoo who was offered the guest role of host on Inkigayo while Jeongyeon was out. According to Soompi, Jisoo was part of the September 4 episode of Inkigayo. Jeongyeon could not fulfill her hosting duties at the time since she would be part of the 2016 JYP Nation "Mix & Match" concert in Japan.

To be fair, it is possible that Jisoo was offered the guest host role simply because she is the oldest in age out of the four members in Black Pink and has nothing to do with her likeness to Dara. Then again, YG Entertainment does put a lot of emphasis on visuals and may have wanted Jisoo because of it.

Watch the latest episode of Inkigayo, the one featuring Jisoo as a guest host. It is available to watch for free, along with past episodes from the popular music competition variety show, on Viki.

[Image via YG Entertainment]