Marion Cotillard’s Female Stalker Pleads Guilty, Allegedly Threatened Actress’s Life

Brooklyn, NY – A New York City woman has pleaded guilty to stalking The Dark Knight Rises actress Marion Cotillard.

According to USA Today, Teresa Yuan pleaded guilty on Friday to stalking French actress Marion Cotillard in Brooklyn federal court. Prosecutors in the case say that the woman send 504 emails and 120 webcam-shot videos of herself to a fan website for the actress over the course of four days back in 2011. Yuan reportedly exhibited highly unusual behavior in the videos, as some shown in court depict her topless, hissing like a cat and talking about playing Russian roulette with Cotillard.

Her lawyer said that he agrees that the videos could be seen as threatening. Gee, you think?

According to AceShowbiz, Yuan suffers from bipolar disorder and blames Cotillard for her problems:

“I can be very calm and respectful and kind, but then you push me too far, you back me in a corner and this is how I feel,” she said, also threatening Cotillard’s life, saying “After it happens I’ll feel no regret whatsoever because that’s apparently how it feels to be a killer, to be a murderer.”

The 23-year-old Yuan holds a university degree in Oriental medicine. The charge against her carries a sentence of up to 16 months in prison, bu according to her lawyer, prosecutors have said that they won’t object to probation and psychological treatment for the disturbed fan.

We tried like the dickens to track down some of these videos and emails, but didn’t come up with anything. None of the news sites reporting on Marion Cotillard’s stalker indicated whether or not such materials were removed from the internet at the behest of the court. If you have any screencaps or links to where these materials could exist, drop me a line at and we’ll report on it.