Rupert Everett Backs Up On Gay Parenting Comments, BUT Says Gay Marriage Is ‘Beyond Tragic’

Openly homosexual actor Rupert Everett has been receiving severe backlash over his controversial comments regarding gay parenting, including death threats, he admitted in a recent interview.

Rupert Everett’s big “gay-rights boo-boo” came earlier this month when he shared his rather odd views on gay couples becoming parents: Specifically, his belief that gay couples should never be given the opportunity to become parents. As we noted here at IQ, it’s very rare for any celebrity ever to say anything this incendiary, much less an openly gay actor who came out long before it was “fashionable” to do so. Discussing these views, Everett said that his position on gay parenting is the same as that of his own mother:

“She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her … I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads … Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion.”

According to MSN, Everett has since amended his comments, saying that he is not “against” same-sex couples having kids, but that he has received a number of death threats over his original remarks:

“I’ve now had all this hate mail and there have been death threats, too… All the queens out there now have it in for me. I’m loathed by them. I’m having to take evasive action,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

In a more recent interview, Everett further clarified that he’s not against gay parenting, saying, “if Elton and David want to have babies, that’s wonderful. I think we should all do what we want,” but then decided to attack the institution of gay marriage, reports Gay Star News:

“It’s just a waste of time in the heterosexual world, and in the homosexual world I find it personally beyond tragic that we want to ape this institution that is so clearly a disaster,” he said, continuing, “For me, being gay was about wanting to do the opposite of the straight world, so I think that’s where my problems in this particular area come from. But that’s me, just me. I’m not having a go at gay couples who do.”‘

In short, Everett is pretty okay with gay parents now, but wants us all to know that gay marriage is stupid (in his opinion, of course).

Do you agree with Rupert Everett’s seemingly anti-gay sentiments?