Fugitive Maurice Nelson: Man Wanted For Kidnapping, Raping, And Torturing Woman Turns Self In [Video]

Maurice Nelson was a fugitive from justice for almost two months. Authorities in Marion County, Indiana, say that from July 10 to July 14, 28-year-old Maurice Nelson viciously tortured and raped a woman he had abducted. According to prosecutors, Nelson held his 23-year-old victim against her will in his Indianapolis basement, chaining her up so she couldn’t escape his custody.

Maurice Nelson’s time on the run came to an end on September 1. That’s when, as USA Today reports, the fugitive turned himself into law enforcement without incident or violence. Reportedly, fugitive Maurice Nelson was waiting outside of a local Marion county courthouse on Thursday morning, along with a person believed to have been a pastor. That pastor approached Officer Eric Gundle at around 7:30 a.m. and told him that he had brought someone that wanted to turn himself in.

Reportedly, Nelson was sobbing in the “pastor’s” car.

Even as the sergeant cuffed fugitive Maurice Nelson, he didn’t know precisely the nature of the arrest he was making. He had no idea that he was arresting one of the most wanted fugitives in the county, and wouldn’t know until the next day. That’s when the arresting officer saw the story of fugitive Maurice Nelson’s arrest on the news.

The horrific case of fugitive Maurice Nelson was brought to the attention of local law enforcement in the evening of July 14. That is when dispatch got a very disturbing call from one of Maurice Nelson’s neighbors. According to the caller, they had heard a woman screaming for help, and the screams were coming from Nelson’s house.

Police quickly arrived at the scene, but were unprepared for the nature of what they would discover in the basement of Maurice Nelson’s home: a nude, shackled, chained, and handcuffed woman. As IndyStar reports, the physical, sexual, and psychological torture that the victim allegedly endured at the hands of Maurice Nelson was the stuff horror movies are made of.

The young woman told law enforcement that fugitive Maurice Nelson had promised that he was going to keep her for years, that they would have children. Maurice seemed to have a nefarious purpose behind breeding, too. According to his victim, he planned to “kill the boys and raise the girls.” Nelson’s victim told police that her captor told her that she was being watched 24/7 via a camera and he kept the radio cranked up to cover up the sound of her screams for help.

Allegedly, fugitive Maurice Nelson connected the radio directly to his iPhone, violently threatening his victim by saying he would “cut off her leg” if she got too close to the link with the outside world.

Nelson also reportedly told his brutalized and traumatized victim that he planned to abduct more women and chain them up with her; he even told her that he would turn his rottweilers loose on her if she tried to escape. After her rescue, those dogs were reportedly taken away by animal control.

Fugitive Maurice Nelson’s victim allegedly told law enforcement that her mouth had been taped shut, but she had finally worked the tape free after a couple of days. She said that she had also managed to scavenge a sharp piece of metal to use as a weapon and/or to aid in her escape.

According to the victim, she had met Maurice Nelson via a telephone dating hotline. Apparently, the pair agreed to meet at a hotel, and then to go to his home. When they got there, the victim admits that she engaged in consensual sex with Nelson, but at some point during the encounter, Maurice Nelson suddenly sprayed her in the face with mace or pepper spray, presumably in an attempt to take her off guard and incapacitate her.

While she was struggling with the effects of the pepper spray, fugitive Maurice Nelson allegedly forced her into the basement and handcuffed and chained her. He then proceeded to repeatedly rape, beat, and torture her over the course of four days, according to police reports.

Nelson was nowhere to be found when the police rescued the beaten and battered victim from his basement; neighbors were no help in locating the fugitive, either. According to them, Nelson had only lived at the location for a few weeks and kept almost entirely to himself.

After Maurice Nelson’s victim was rescued from his basement of horrors, law enforcement issued a warrant for Nelson’s arrest, but had no luck in locating him. He wasn’t seen again by authorities until he turned himself in, possibly through the urging of a religious leader. So far, police are not saying where he might have been hiding out for the last two months as they searched for him.

Maurice Nelson, no longer a fugitive but an inmate, has been charged with multiple crimes, including three counts of rape, criminal confinement, and three counts of battery. He is expected to be in court on September 6.

[Image via Marion County Sheriff’s Department]