UFOs Caught Spying On International Space Station: Conspiracy Theorists Say NASA Cover-Up Is Imminent

Conspiracy theories concerning NASA are nothing new, but new conspiracy theories about the space agency emerged this week when a UFO hunter saw anomalies on the International Space Station (ISS) live stream video feed. The sighting set off a round of speculation about proof of aliens and whether or not the objects spotted were potentially the “last proof” of extraterrestrials and their monitoring of the ISS before NASA shuts down the live stream video cameras for good.

Express reported September 1 that avid UFO hunter Streetcap1 caught a couple Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) flying past the ISS just above the Space X space capsule (according to the Irish Examiner, it is actually a Russian Progress capsule). In the description box on the YouTube video posting, Streetcap1 wrote, “Two fast ufos seen passing Space X Capsule as it’s lights attract their attention.”

In the video itself, which shows the space capsule with lights blinking at the end of the ISS docking arm, there appears a sudden flash just above the mechanical extension, then a larger flash a mere split-second later. Streetcap1 added a slow motion replay for viewers to get a really good look at the “fast ufos” that suddenly present themselves and arc quickly from left to right. Oddly, the bright objects seem to pass behind a dark linear obstruction, because the images disappear while moving into a darkness that is perpendicular to the objects’ motion. That oddness has prompted some to accuse NASA of deliberately blocking the image or editing the live stream’s feed.

UFO enthusiast and hunter/spotter Scott C. Waring picked up on Streetcap1’s sighting and posted the video to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily. “This is 100% proof that aliens do monitor the space station,” he proclaimed. “The first UFO is smaller… which tells me it’s father [sic] away than the second larger UFO.”

Besides Waring, others soon jumped aboard the sighting bandwagon, seeming to agree that the ISS was under close observation by aliens. There was also a direct shot at NASA’s announced discontinuation of the ISS live stream video feed, which conspiracy theorists have blasted as the space agency’s attempt to cover up the truth about UFOs constantly being captured on the live videos.

NASA has always been reluctant to give the conspiracy theories credence by acknowledging them, which also feeds into the general paranoia that drives such things. But like many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the government agency, a misinterpretation has occurred and caught fire on the internet. NASA announced they were discontinuing a half-hour program on NASA TV called “Space Station Live” in September. The agency also noted that this would not interfere at all with the live stream video made available to the public. (That is correct: There is no actual conspiracy regarding a shutdown of the live stream feeds, the theory completely ignoring the facts as they exist. NASA is just discontinuing one 30-minute live program from its television program.)

However, conspiracy theorists quickly attacked NASA as orchestrating a cover-up of the seeming UFO phenomenon surrounding the space station, pointing out all the sudden coincidental live feed cuts (covered by Inquisitr in July) experienced when UFOs seemed to appear. In fact, one of the biggest controversies in recent months concerning UFOs spotted near the ISS was a sighting by Streetcap1 in July (also covered by Inquisitr).

The UFO in question seemed to be descending into the Earth’s atmosphere. The live stream video feed quit during the sighting, causing many to cry foul and accuse NASA of cutting the feed purposely to keep the public from spotting or recording something that was not meant to be seen.

Still, as to the two recent UFOs caught streaking past the space capsule and the ISS, not everyone is convinced that the flashes of light are proof of aliens or even objects at all. UFO researchers and NASA spokesmen are quick to point out that anomalies like the flashes seen in Streetcap1’s UFO video footage are actually lens flares or reflections of sunlight glancing off the ISS.

One commenter on the YouTube posting, Prepper Jack, suggests the “lights themselves may be coming from the capsule, perhaps from the steering thrusters.”

But the skeptics will have a difficult time convincing the enthusiasts that the flashes are anything other than UFOs. YouTube user DragonMaster204 observed, “It almost looks like a giant spaceship is passing by but the rest of it is being blocked by some kind of invisible wall perhaps using some kind of software (Notice the colored squares around the ISS, just like what has been found in various Apollo pictures as if the rest of the picture has been covered up).”

And notice that even in affirming these UFOs, another long-standing conspiracy theory, that of NASA-doctored Apollo mission photos, is offered to support the newest ongoing conspiracy theory.

So what has been proven? Do aliens exist? Are UFOs monitoring the ISS? Or are these latest sightings just the fanciful, willful observations of those simply seeing what they want to see, regardless of countering scientific explanations?

It would seem that all possibilities are debatable. At least for now…

[Image via Shutterstock]