Amy Schumer Is Still A Wreck Over ‘Trainwreck’ Shooting

In July 2015, two women were shot and killed at a Lafayette, Louisiana, theater shooting, during the premiere of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, and the comedian felt an awakening from the incident. Deeply affected by the incident, Schumer began educating herself about gun control laws and started taking a stand against public shootings, but that hasn’t helped to alleviate the guilt Amy felt over the fact that the shooting took place at a showing of her own film. Now, Schumer opens up about that feeling of responsibility and about her strong feelings in regard to the need for stronger gun control laws.

Lena Dunham Gets Trainwreck Writer And Star Amy Schumer Talking About Guns

Us Weekly shares that the discussion between Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer for Lenny’s Letter focused on the Trainwreck shootings, resulting in the deaths of theatergoers Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson. At the start of the interview, Amy warned Lena that talking about the incident might cause her to cry, because she’s still scarred by the shooting deaths.

“It still f**king kills me,” said the Trainwreck star.

Schumer told Dunham that she felt especially affected by this particular shooting because the victims had chosen to spend their time and money to see her in her first major film role. Amy still feels a measure of responsibility, because the shooter chose her film, her first film, for the setting of his rampage.

“I felt so powerless,” confessed Schumer. “And it felt a little bit like something that I had done, that there was a connection to me actually hurting people.”

Just after that 2015 shooting, Amy says she was virtually destroyed by the news. She says finding out about the Trainwreck shooting affected her so badly that nothing seemed to be able to bring her out of a daze that had left her “so upset” and “f***ed up by it,” until Jennifer Lawrence came along. A text message from Lawrence put things in their proper perspective, says Ms. Schumer.

“That day she texted me, ‘It’s your fault.’ And in times like that only jokes make you feel a little better,” Schumer recalled.

Amy Didn’t Like Being Called “Plus Sized” And Here’s Why

The Trainwreck shooting wasn’t the only topic Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham discussed, reports People. They covered much of Amy’s past controversies, and among them was the incident in which Schumer objected to being included in a Glamour magazine “Plus Sized” issue. Amy’s comments on that issue stirred scorn among many who considered her efforts to distance herself from the plus size label as a condemnation of those outside of the typical Hollywood body image. In response, Ms. Schumer has said that it wasn’t about that specific label, but about the fact that a woman who has accomplished so much in her life should be reduced to one simplistic label.

“The media body-shames women of healthy, normal sizes,” Schumer says. “That’s why I spoke up about the plus-size thing. Because plus size, unfortunately, still does have a negative connotation.”

Amy says she just thinks of herself as a “normal” person and she’s happy to just think of herself in that way, so she thinks it’s unfortunate and sad that society can’t accept that. Instead, women are placed into niches and categories, which limits their contributions to society and emphasizes their appearances over who they are as individual people.

“I think it’s unfortunate that we still live in a time and a country where normal isn’t good enough,” added Amy Schumer.

Currently, Amy Schumer is collaborating on an untitled mother-daughter action comedy film, which is to be directed by Jonathan Levine. The film is set for a May 12, 2017, theatrical release.

[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]