Missing CA Girl Jaycee Dugard may have surfaced after 18 years, alive

The parents of Jaycee Dugard, missing for eighteen years, may finally have her back.

Jaycee, now 29, was kidnapped in front of her home at the age of 11 while her stepfather Carl Probyn watched helplessly. A man and a woman reportedly grabbed Jaycee and pulled her into a car. Aside from one reported sighting around the time of her disappearance, Jaycee was not seen again until a woman came to the Concord, CA police station Wednesday, claiming to be the missing girl.

While there have been a few cases of unscrupulous adults claiming to be high-profile kidnap victims, Jaycee’s family appears confident after speaking to her that this is their missing daughter.

After the woman claiming to be Dugard appeared at the police station, an FBI agent called Terry Probyn and put her on the phone with Jaycee, Carl Probyn said.

At first, Terry Probyn thought it was a joke, but then the two women had a conversation that convinced her that she was talking to her missing daughter, he said.

“She believes it was her,” Carl Probyn said. “She said Jaycee remembers everything.”

The FBI reports that they have suspects in custody in connection with the case, but are not elaborating yet on who may have been responsible or the details of Jaycee’s missing years. Jaycee’s mother and stepfather, who ended up separating due to the stress of Jaycee’s abduction, are thrilled and amazed that they may finally have their daughter back, alive. Carl Probyn told press it was like “winning the lotto.”