Kimberly Crilley: Mom Of 5 In Bizarre Teen Sex Affair, Ending With 14-Year-Old Boy Shot In Leg, Now Back In Jail

Kimberly Ann Avery, formerly known as Kimberly Crilley, finds herself back behind bars this week for ducking her requirement to register as a convicted sex offender — a requirement imposed upon her after the now-53-year-old mom of five was convicted in a bizarre 2011 underage sex case that sent her to prison for three years, and also ended up with her teenage victim losing a half of his leg to a gunshot wound inflicted by Crilley’s husband and nearly going to jail himself, according to a report in The News Leader newspaper of Staunton, Virginia.

The strange story began when Crilley, of Mount Solon, Virginia, moved temporarily into the home of a family friend during a period of marital difficulty with her then-husband, Philip Crilley, in 2010. While staying in the home, she somehow began an illegal sexual relationship with the family’s teenage son, who has not been publicly named, but who was reported to be just 14-years-old at the time.

Her husband found her in a compromising situation with the teen boy in October of that year and reported the incident to the police, according to a report in The News Virginian newspaper. Kimberly Crilley was charged with having carnal knowledge of a minor, as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

But a judge allowed her to go free on probation under the condition that she have no contact with the teenage boy.

However, that is exactly what she did, on at least three occasions, including one meeting at a restaurant that also included the boy’s mom.

As a result of that meeting, the mother — whose name has also been withheld from the public — was charged with facilitating the illicit relationship between the 48-year-old Crilley and the teen boy. But those charges were dropped after prosecutors failed to pin down the exact date when the meeting between Kimberly Crilley, her teenage lover, and his mom took place.

Detectives who investigated the case found evidence — in the form of hair and bodily fluids matching both Crilley and the boy — that the older woman and the young boy had conducted trysts in a small cabin not far from the Crilley home.

But the case took its most bizarre turn on January 13 of 2011 when the desperate boy confronted Crilley and her husband in the driveway of their home, approximately 200 yards from the cabin, brandishing a broken tree branch, presumably as a weapon.

Kimberly Crilley Ann Avery
Philip Crilley pulled a gun on the boy, who charged at them with the stick anyway. The Crilleys, according to the husband’s court testimony, were able to get inside the house — only to have the boy crash through a bedroom window and pull a knife of the couple.

As soon as the boy rose to his feet after the window-dive, Crilley shot him once in the right leg.

The boy survived the wound, but ultimately, doctors were forced to amputate the wounded leg below the knee.

But the strange developments in the Kimberly Crilley case continued, with the then-15-year-old boy going on trial to face charges of breaking and entering, entering a home with a weapon, and destroying property.

At his juvenile court trial, the boy repeatedly burst into gibberish and nonsense phrases, interrupting witnesses and the judge, forcing the judge to order a psychological examination — even though the judge himself said he thought the boy was “faking it.”

Ultimately, the teen was convicted on all of the charges against him, but given a suspended sentence and allowed to enter a “residential therapeutic treatment home” instead, according to a report by WHSV TV News.

As for Kimberly Crilley, she was ordered to serve her three-year sentence after she was found to have violated her probation. While in prison, she was divorced from Philip Crilley and changed her name to Kimberly Ann Avery. She was released in March of 2013, and soon moved out of the area, ending up in Texas.

In the interim, however, she violated terms of her 10-year probation yet again, on three different counts. She spent time alone with three of a friend’s children, but did not report the incident to her probation officer, figuring that “she is not a child molester, never did anything wrong when she was alone with the minors and for those reasons, did not feel like she needed to notify this officer of her contact with the minors,” according to the officer’s report.

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She also admitted smoking marijuana on about 15 occasions “as a way to deal with the stress of having to live with the label sex offender,” the probation report said.

Finally, Kimberly Avery — aka Crilley — simply failed to register as a convicted sex offender, according to court record cited by the News Leader. She was extradited to Virginia from Galveston, Texas, last December and on Thursday of this week, September 1, was sentenced to another 15 months behind bars for the probation violations in the freakish underage sex case.

[Image via Augusta County Courts]