Zayn Malik, M.I.A. Pair Up As Perrie’s New Man Is Noted As His Body Double

Zayn Malik headlines are full of Selena Gomez rumors, but his latest collaboration with another gorgeous pop star is almost as spectacular. Plus, speaking of Zayn Malik and romance, one of his old quotes was recently recycled and it creates an awkward moment with his ex-fiancee, Perrie Edwards, that is so strange it is laughable.

Is Zayn Malik plagued by the fact that Mercury is in retrograde or has that alien from Zayn’s dreams been selling false stories to the press about Zayn cheating on Gigi Hadid with Selena Gomez?

Although it can be difficult to figure out why so many strange headlines have been following Zayn Malik lately, it does seem like aliens were giving him advice when he recently crossed paths with his ex, Perrie Edwards, in the media in the most otherworldly way possible.

As it appears, Zayn Malik has had a past interest in his ex-girlfriend’s rumored new boyfriend, Luke Pasqualino. The word on the street is that when Zayn Malik considered a biography about his life, Perrie Edwards’ current boyfriend was his top pick for the main actor to play himself.

No, this is not a joke, but it might be a major speculation because, according to Mirror, Zayn Malik said that Luke Pasqualino should play him in a biography about his life in 2012.

Perrie Edwards
In a response to the cheating rumors, Perrie Edwards said she was “relieved” that she was finished with Zayn Malik. In March 2015, when Zayn Malik was about to announce he was quitting One Direction, he allegedly spent part of mid-March begging Perrie Edwards to forgive him for the Thailand cheating rumors that were circling about him and Lauren Richardson, according to Daily Mail.

Now, Hollywood Life has quoted an insider saying that the current cheating rumors about Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez just make Perrie Edwards feel sorry for Gigi Hadid.

Furthermore, it is being rumored that Perrie Edwards is going to “tell all” about her past relationship with Zayn Malik on her fourth album with Little Mix.

However, other exciting Zayn Malik news that is relationship drama-free pertains to his collaboration with M.I.A. on the song “Freedun.”

One Direction Zayn Malik
Like Zayn Malik, M.I.A. is a British-Asian pop celebrity that has had a tremendous amount of success in America. Other unique similarities they do not share with a lot of British music celebrities include the fact that they are both from areas of the world that were former British colonies.

It could also be said that other major qualities that M.I.A. and Zayn Malik share is that they are interested in spirituality, often represent punk fashion, speak often of what it means to stay true to yourself, and make music that crosses the boundaries of a lot of genres.

Despite having many similarities, M.I.A., in an interview with BBC Radio about the Zayn Malik “Freedun” collaboration, speaks about how they are opposites, according to Billboard.

Around September 1, M.I.A. said working with Zayn Malik’s music “sort of takes me out my comfort zone” and said it also “kind of takes him out of his a little bit as well.”

In the end, it is likely that M.I.A. wanted to work with Zayn Malik because both of them are successful in the U.K., America, and Europe.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, while Zayn Malik is having a lot of success in the music charts, he is also branching out in other unexpected ways. For example, Zayn Malik will be working as an executive producer for a show about a boy band, according to insider reports from The Sun.

Zayn Malik will also be expanding on his fashion and style empire by selling shoes with luxury designer Giuseppe Zanotti, according to Refinery 29.

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