Stevie J Headed To Jail — ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Gets Time Over Child Support Issues

It looks like another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is headed for prison. On Thursday night, Stevie J revealed in a cryptic Instagram post that he is headed off to do some time himself next week. Although Stevie has been skimpy on the details, many believe his upcoming jail stint is related to the child support case brought against him by just one of his baby mamas.

In his Instagram post, Stevie J wrote, “Not playing no games. No fakes no phonies real n****s only. Shout out to my reals ones locked up. #freefaceoff #freecoreyjacobs #freeloon #freedevaloso #Freelenlo bout to do this time starting next week, sum thing light for this child support case. My kids love me & I love them & that’s all that matters.”

Stevie J recently was back in court dealing with the $1.28 million child support case against him brought on by Carol Bennett. In her claim, Bennett says that Stevie has only paid $132,220 for two of his older children in the past 14 years. BET reported that after recent hearings didn’t go his way, Stevie will now be forced to pay up with jail time instead of money.

Stevie J isn’t the only Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star who is currently serving jail time or planning on it. He just accompanied Tommie to Atlanta police station to turn herself in for an outstanding warrant. The newcomer to Season 5 of the VH1 hit reality show was in trouble for violating a restraining order placed on her by Joseline Hernadenez after Tommie allegedly tried to run her over with her car.

During the Season 5 reunion show for LHHATL, Tommie admitted that she did, in fact, try to run her costar down on an Atlanta street after having a negative experience with Joseline while staying in Los Angeles during the Grammys last spring.

Another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 breakout star is currently incarcerated. Scrapp DeLeon, who joined the show for the season was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to five years is prison and 15 more on probation. His brush with the law was featured mid-season on LHHATL. Rumor has it that Scrapp will be released early, possibly in time to film for Season 6.

The Inquisitr reported just days ago that Stevie J will not be returning to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 6. He and his former fake wife Joseline Hernandez both were reportedly removed from the show after an explosive Season 5 that ended with accusations that Stevie was a pervert, that he loved to watch gay adult films and that he molested his daughter Eva.

Stevie J responded to Joseline’s claims by serving her with a restraining order. Unfortunately for him, the order was struck down in court because Joseline Hernandez didn’t pose an actual physical threat. Now Joseline is reportedly pregnant and claims that Stevie J is the father. If that is the case, his current child support issues are nothing compared to what he may be facing in the future.

As for his current child support case with Carol Bennett, Stevie J took to Instagram about a week ago to complain. According to the IB Times, Stevie J wrote in the now-deleted post, “2 years after I had this case dismissed in State court May 21st 2014 it’s a discrace to US Federal Court & a blatant waste of NY tax payers dollars. Haven’t lived in NYC since 2000 & my kids nor the mother of the children reside on NYC. This case is frivolous. So many important cases waiting to see the Honorable Judge Crotty than for this circus that is being portrayed. Time for me to make noise!”

It looks like any noise Stevie J may have made didn’t make much good. It’s unclear how long the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will be locked up but he starts his jail stint at some point next week. Will he glam it up for the mugshot like his co-star Tommie Lee?

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]