Check Out Fleex Which Lets You Stream Favorites On Netflix To Learn English

Amy Feinstein

Have you heard of Fleex? It's an app that is a game-changer for learning English while watching your favorite movies and television on Netflix. Sure, Duolingo is great, but Fleex can help you with the colloquial language found in the films and shows which express popular culture. And it doesn't only use the Netflix platform, as the user can launch Fleex when watching TED talks, and other streaming content. Learning English, as with learning any other language, is far easier when the content is interesting and engaging. At this time, Fleex is available in 11 languages.

For the English speaking audience, there are a number of streaming services, like Netflix and perhaps at some point, Acorn, which brings movies and television from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada to Anglophiles all over the world, according to the Inquisitr. Acorn TV could also be a great source of content for use with Fleex, as it is almost exclusively in English, with the exception of some Agatha Christie mysteries in Belgian.

"As a non-native English speaker, this issue is dear to me. When I first learned English, an important part of my process was watching movies and TV shows, first with French subtitles, then with English subtitles, and finally without any subtitles. It wasn't really customizable, and going from English subtitles to no subtitles was a pretty big step."
"You start at level 1. If you're German for example, you'll get both German and English subtitles. After a while, you will see more and more English subtitles. You will still get subtitles in your native language for the hardest parts of the video."


Fleex is accessible through a computer or tablet and can be tested for free. Guillaume Dupuy, co-founder of Fleex says that at this time, the app is available in eleven languages for the cost of $7.90 a month after the free trial.

Since its inception, Fleex has come a long way by linking in with Netflix content, according to Tech Crunch. Using Fleex with content like Netflix is hardly passive, as it forces you to essentially, keep up. In my academic language experiences, the learning and reading in the second language were made worse by dry material that couldn't have possibly been interesting to anyone. But almost anyone can find something they enjoy on Netflix. Romain Dillet of Tech Crunch explains the transition, and how it improves the learning curve.

"On Fleex, you start with subtitles in both your native language and English. Slowly, Fleex removes subtitles in your native languages. For the hardest parts of the video, you still get subtitles in both languages, but not all the time. Then Fleex removes subtitles completely."

"Please note, however, that so far our interface is only available in English or French. We're in the process of localizing the site in the other languages, and we'll add more interface languages in the coming weeks. Offering to learn languages other than English is a longer-term challenge, as we'd need to find reliable sources of French content... Which isn't as easy as with English content!"

[Photo by Fleex]