Mariah Carey's Brother Blasts Singer For Abandoning Their Sister Alison Carey Amid Prostitution Arrest

Mariah Carey's brother, Morgan, has nothing nice to say about his superstar sister. He claims that Mariah abandoned their sister, Alison Carey, when she needed their help the most. Mariah has reportedly cut ties with her family and refuses to help or even acknowledge Morgan or Alison now that she has moved on.

Alison was arrested last week on prostitution charges in New York. She has since been released from the Ulster County Jail on $1,000 bail and has pled not guilty to the prostitution charges. Still, there has been no comment from her uber-famous sister Mariah Carey.

Morgan Carey told Inside Edition in a recent interview that he has not been in contact with Mariah for six years now.

"Mariah doesn't care about anyone other than herself," Morgan said.

According to the New York Daily News, Alison Carey was arrested on Friday at the Howard Johnson hotel when an undercover officer posed as a prospective client responded to one of Carey's online ads. Mariah Carey's sister was advertising on an unnamed classified website with an adult section, using Mariah's song lyrics to offer her services.

Initial reports failed to indicate which hotel Carey was working out of but did state she had been there for several weeks. Police were tipped off to her possible prostitution activity at the hotel prior to responding to her ad.

Alison Carey has a reported history of drug abuse and prostitution. Mariah's older sister has struggled on and off with addiction issues in the past. Morgan has previously begged his famous sister to help Alison. Most recently, Morgan made a video of Alison during the spring when she was recovering from a massive brain injury. The troubled older sister had reportedly been the victim of a home invasion and, during the scuffle, suffered the trauma and was not expected to survive.

Mariah Carey's publicist did speak out in defense of the star.

In a prepared statement following her sister's arrest, Mariah's publicist wrote, "Through the years, Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children."

Apparently, Mariah Carey has helped her sister out in the past. Morgan admitted that Mariah did give large sums of cash to Alison before ultimately writing her family off. The problem, according to Morgan, is that Alison is a drug addict and not someone Mariah should have just handed a lot of cash.

"I will always be puzzled why Alison, a heroin addict, has always been given large sums of money from Mariah her whole life," Morgan said in his interview. "You can't put large sums of cash into the hands of a drug addict."

Morgan, who is a model and a music producer, also claims that Mariah Carey wouldn't have her superstar career if it hadn't been for him. Mariah's brother claims that he is the one who helped her get noticed, and they have been estranged for roughly six years after a nasty fight. It is believed that Mariah hasn't spoken to Alison Carey since around 1994.

Do you think Mariah Carey's brother Morgan is right to blast his famous sister for not helping Alison during her recent arrest? Should Mariah help get her sibling some help with her drug addiction or set up a trust to help her with finances so that she won't resort to prostitution in the future? Tell us what you think of Mariah's choice to ignore Alison Carey's arrest and history of drug abuse in the comments section below.

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