Alcoholic Pizza Is On The Menu At Boston Restaurant

If you’ve ever wanted to get a little tipsy from eating a calorie-rich Italian-inspired dish, a Massachusetts restaurant has just the thing for you. Boston eatery Salvatore’s is now offering what can only be described as “alcoholic pizza,” according to KSDK. Unfortunately for the under 21 crowd, you won’t be able to order a slice until you’re of legal age to purchase alcohol.

“How do we jazz the pizzas up and how do we make them fun. Somebody said let’s put booze on them. And I’m like, that would be kind of cool,” Salvatore’s employee Chick Barbato explained. “We do macerate cherries for quite some time with the raspberry vodka. That becomes a pretty prominent flavor so it doesn’t burn off in the oven.”

According to the Boston Herald, the alcoholic pizza came about after corporate chef Victor Paone and vice president of operations Peter Ackerman began to experiment with some of their ingredients.

“We got some dried Italian cherries, and we cooked them, and they were too tough,” Paone explained. “Obviously, we had to soak them a little, so I decided to soak them in raspberry vodka.”

Once the some extra ingredients were thrown into the mix, the Vignola Cherry Pizza was born. However, when the chef discovered that the alcohol didn’t cook off in the oven, the company decided to use the unexpected discovery to their advantage.

“We realized that it was a great pizza, but the alcohol content was too high, so we came up with the idea of having a 21-plus pizza,” the corporate chef said of their alcoholic menu item. “You don’t get that blast of alcohol where it’s too much, but you can definitely taste (it).”

Although the Boston Licensing Board doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to alcohol-infused foods, the company decided to regulate who can order the pie to prevent any troubles down the line. Since the pizzas are selling so well, Salvatore’s intends to add more selections to the menu this October.

Would you try a slice of alcoholic pizza?