Tropical Storm Hermine: Weather Updates Show Hurricane Tearing Its Way Possibly Into New York

Tropical Storm Hermine achieved landfall yesterday, tearing through Northern Florida and causing problems for many. The storm hit the coast shortly after becoming a hurricane, making this the first time in years that the Sunshine State has seen an actual threat of hurricane damage since 2005.

The Category One hurricane hit near St. Marks, south of Tallahassee, and thankfully lost some of its power as it made its way to shore. Unfortunately, many in the area also lost power as it toppled trees and power lines.


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As Tropical Storm Hermine travels across the South, more areas are feeling the heavy winds and rain. It seems to be aiming in a Northeastern direction on a path toward New York City. If it gains momentum on the way, NYC might see its worst storm since 2014 and two winter weather patterns including Jonas.

The tropical storm has been slowly making its way through Southeast Georgia, missing Atlanta almost entirely except for a few stray clouds as Hermine seems to be moving into the Carolinas. Meanwhile, nearly a quarter million residents of Florida remain without power and one person has been found dead as a result of the hurricane.

The death was the result of a tree falling on a tent in a homeless camp in Gainesville, says NBC News.

As Tropical Storm Hermine closes in on the Carolina coast, the Atlantic waters might spawn a new threat, strengthening it back into a hurricane. It might be a good idea to try remaining indoors and staying off of the beach until the weather pattern relents.

We can probably expect to see torrential rains and flooding across the East Coast and it’s suggested at least by New York authorities that you stock up on sandbags to fend off the potential water in the streets. If you have an electric generator, you might want to consider a quick trip to the gas station with some gas cans just in case the power gets knocked out in the wake of Tropical Storm Hermine.

Florida Governor Rick Scott suggested for the residents of the state, as well as anyone in the path of Tropical Storm Hermine, to stock up on food and water. This applies to anyone living along the East Coast, in case the storm strengthens once more into a hurricane.

Stay safe and prepare for the worst if you live near the predicted path of Tropical Storm Hermine. When the storm strengthened, there were tornado watches throughout Northern Florida. After the storm began dying off, the warnings were canceled. However, as the storm returns to water, it might pick up strength again.

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