Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Spotted Hugging And Kissing At The Airport After Announcing Split

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger have recently put their mini-PDA on display, according to People magazine. The news comes less than a month after the duo announced their split. And now these sweet moments shared at Los Angeles International Airport last week triggered rumors that the two are back together.

Joshua Jackson and Kruger were spotted together hugging and kissing at the LA International Airport, and it wouldn’t make headlines if the duo didn’t announce the end of their 10-year relationship just less than a month ago.

It appears that Joshua Jackson dropped his ex-girlfriend off at the airport, and the two were saying goodbye for way too long. As a source close to the duo told People magazine, the two are simply keeping their relationship on friendly terms.

It looked as if Joshua Jackson and Kruger were trying to keep a low profile, with the Fringe star wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of black sunglasses, while the 40-year-old actress opted for high-waist jeans and a sleek gray bodysuit.

Joshua Jackson and Kruger have remained amicable ever since they announced their split last month, and it doesn’t look as if they are going to have a Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift kind of split. In fact, just nearly two weeks ago, the duo were spotted walking together around Los Angeles while having a chat.

It’s as yet unclear how Joshua Jackson and Kruger are going to progress with their relationship, but it sure looks like the two could give their romance a second chance. But reps for both the Fringe actor and the Inglourious Basterds actress say the two decided to remain friends.

And it also looks like Kruger has already begun embracing her new life as a single 40-year-old woman, according to People magazine. Ever since the actress announced her split from Joshua Jackson, she has led a pretty active lifestyle and doesn’t seem as if she’s planning to stop.

In her recent chat with People magazine at the Chopard and Cinema Society debut of Maryland in New York City, Kruger said it was “all good” in her life after the split from Joshua Jackson. She also confirmed that she isn’t seeing anyone at the moment but added that she doesn’t rule out the possibility of falling in love again.

“If you have a suggestion, let me know?”

What might have helped Kruger quickly recover from her split from Joshua Jackson was her trip to Sri Lanka to film a new commercial, which was directed by her friend Fabienne Berthaud, the director of Sky.

“So it felt like at least we got to hang out. It was beautiful. I’ve never been, and it was great.”

Kruger, of course, took to Instagram to share pics of the beautiful scenery of Sri Lanka and proved to her fans that she isn’t a mess after her split from Joshua Jackson. The actress revealed that she had daily two-hour drives in order to get to different locations.

“They have beautiful resorts, but I went pretty basic. It’s definitely not comfortable. But the people are amazing, and if you like the food, I would definitely recommend it.”

But, of course, the split from her long-time boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, as well as months of hard work, have taken a toll, and the actress revealed that she needs some time to relax. In fact, it looks like the actress is planning to “get fat.”

“After tomorrow, I’m on vacation. I’ve been filming for the last four months, so I have the month off, so I’m literally going to do nothing and get fat.”

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]