‘Grimm’ Season 6 Cast Member Tweets Fate Of Show, Air Date Revealed

One Grimm Season 6 cast member recently tweeted the fate of the long-running and popular NBC fantasy TV drama series. Elizabeth Tulloch, also known as Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette Silverton, Nick Burkhardt’s girlfriend on Grimm, took to her personal Twitter account on Tuesday to let fans know that NBC cancelled Grimm after Season 6. Fans of Grimm are undoubtedly upset by the news and wonder why there can’t be at least one more season.

Even Tulloch’s dog is “bummed about no more Grimm after Season 6.” But Tulloch promises fans that Grimm will go out with a bang when the new and final season finally airs on Friday, January 6, 2017, less than eight months after the Season 5 finale episode that garnered more than 4 million viewers, as reported by Release Date on Tuesday. But news that Grimm Season 6 is drawing nearer is bittersweet for loyal fans, who now know that the the finale episode will also mean the series finale.


NBC reportedly announced both the air date for Grimm Season 6 and plans to not renew the show for another season all on the same day. Also via Twitter on Tuesday, NBC posted on the official Grimm Twitter account that fans should prepare for a “Grimm farewell,” as the sixth and final season approaches. In response to incredibly sad fans, NBC later sent out another tweet, saying that “goodbyes are never easy,” but “Grimmsters will get an incredible final chapter.”

Fans are now wanting another network or even a streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon, to pick up where Grimm Season 6 will leave off after only 13 episodes. Past seasons of Grimm consisted of 22 episodes, according to Deadline, so fans are feeling really shortchanged with a shorter Season 6, along with the cancellation of the supernatural crime drama series that has picked up quite the cult following in the last five years. Since Grimm first aired on NBC in October 2011, average viewership for all seasons combined has stayed steady at nearly 7 million.


Grimm fans will need something else to cling to after Season 6, which could be a spinoff series with Monroe and Rosalee and their new Wesen baby — or babies. Game N Guide shared on Thursday that disappointed Grimm fans are begging for a spinoff series. Fans have developed quite an interest in the Wesen couple and Rosalee’s pregnancy, which could push NBC to develop a spinoff series that would focus on how Monroe and Rosalee will deal with their new “Blutbad-Fuchsbau hybrid.”

In fact, some believe Monroe and Rosalee will actually have a litter of Wesen when the pregnancy comes to term in Grimm Season 6. TV Line reports that Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays the wolf-like creature, Monroe, on Grimm, hopes there will be a litter, instead of only one child. In an interview during the NBC Comic-Con International panel back in July in San Diego, California, Grimm co-creator, David Greenwalt, even agreed that he liked the sound of a litter, and said that Bree Turner, who plays the fox-like creature and Monroe’s new bride, Rosalee, has been knitting a “dozen little cardigans.”

Several events could transpire during Grimm Season 6 that could possibly lead to a spinoff series involving not only Monroe and Rosalee, but also some of Grimm’s other interesting characters. Cinema Blend says fans want all of the Grimm Season 5 finales played out successfully during Season 6, but a spinoff series could pick up with Nick’s complicated relationships, Monroe and Rosalee’s new family, and Renard and Adalind’s challenging and dangerous daughter, Diana.

And, who exactly is Theresa Rubel, also known as Trubel? Could she really be Nick’s sister? The two Grimms already have a sibling-type relationship, and Nick’s Grimm lineage was never revealed when the book of Grimm lineage surfaced in Season 5. Nick’s mother, Kelly Burkhardt, also really took to raising baby Diana, almost as if she missed out on raising a daughter of her own.


But the bigger question is why NBC decided to cancel Grimm after Season 6. NBC never officially gave a reason for Grimm’s sudden cancellation announcement, but Cinema Blend explains that networks have to start making decisions on renewals and cancellations at the end of each TV season. Cancelling Grimm was reportedly a “tough decision” for NBC, but Grimm apparently saw a steady drop in ratings during Season 5, due to competition from other supernatural shows on Friday nights, such as Vampire Diaries and Sleepy Hollow.

Grimm Season 5 did, in fact, have the lowest viewership out of all of the previous seasons, but NBC decided to give fans one more season with Season 6, albeit a short season, before deciding to cancel altogether, telling fans thank you for being “Grimm-azing.” Elizabeth Tulloch added that the cast of Grimm is “eternally grateful” to all of the “amazing fans” who helped get Grimm to 123 episodes.

[Image via Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images]