October 31, 2017
Cynthia Bailey’s New Home Is An Escape From ‘RHOA’ And Divorce Drama

Cynthia Bailey has been hinting that her marriage is over for a long time. On the previous season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bailey revealed that she no longer talks to her husband like she used to and they barely see one another. While Cynthia is keeping busy in Atlanta with her business and her work, Peter Thomas was spending all of his time in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has opened up several bars and lounges. Rather than making his business work in Atlanta, he seems determined to expand the business in Charlotte, resulting in him never being around in Atlanta.

According to a new TMZ report, Cynthia Bailey is now moving forward with the divorce, and she has relocated to a sprawling lakeside home. In a previous interview, Bailey revealed that she wanted to sell their Atlanta home and start over. She revealed that she was looking for property outside of the city, so she had an escape if she needed to get away from the Real Housewives of Atlanta drama and work. And based on new Twitter pictures and a report from TMZ, it sounds like she has found her home.

In one tweet, Cynthia Bailey is seen with a real estate agent, holding a sign that says "Sold." They are standing on a deck overlooking a beautiful green property with direct access to the lake. No word on what lake she chose to live on. Pictures of the interior also started popping up on social media, including a few staging pictures of the home.

Cynthia can look forward to a deck overlooking the water, where she can cozy up with a good book or catch some rays during the hot Georgia summer months. In addition, Bailey gets a modern interior with glass railings for the stairs, a grey stone fireplace and a dark kitchen with hints of clean, white stone. One could argue that this is definitely an upgrade from her Atlanta home that she shared with Peter.

When Cynthia Bailey announced that she was separating from Peter, he seemed rather shocked. The two hadn't talked in a while, but he thought they could make it work if they talked about their issues. However, Cynthia wanted out, and when the word "divorce" came on the table, he was shocked. Bailey was tired of fighting for something that wasn't going to happen, and Peter didn't realize that he was losing his wife.

"We were separated for about five or six months. I think I've only seen Cynthia once - because I'm in Charlotte and she's in Atlanta," Peter Thomas recently told Wendy Williams in an interview, according to Essence, to which Wendy had plenty of theories as to why Bailey dropped the divorce bomb on him.

"What I think whatever it is you've done to her that's made her so pissed -- that she might feel, Peter, that maybe you don't deserve the respect of a joint statement or a phone call. Were you cheating on her wildly? Did you ever embezzle money from her?" Wendy questioned him, to which Peter abruptly responded with, "Never. Never. Never."

When Cynthia Bailey was asked about her marriage in a separate interview with E! News, she had a very simple response: "I just don't want to be married to Peter anymore."

No word on who will be on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is currently filming. One can imagine that Bailey will be on the show to document how she's moving on and using the show to market her various business dealings. But since Thomas is not a housewife, fans may not see too much of him.

What do you think of Cynthia Bailey's new home? Are you excited for her to start over?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Sharknado]