Watch Hurricane Hermine Coverage Live Online: Where To Find Streaming Video, Live Updates As Storm Makes Landfall

Viewers can watch coverage of Hurricane Hermine live online and see streaming video of the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in more than a decade.

Residents in the state’s Panhandle region started to bunker down on Thursday and some counties began issuing mandatory evacuation notices for residents in low-lying areas as the storm moved in, CNN reported. There are warnings that the hurricane could be life-threatening, and forecasters believe it could bring a surge of ocean water as much as nine feet above normal, the report added.

In the hours before Hurricane Hermine made landfall, there were already heavy winds in many areas including St. Petersburg and Tallahassee.

“The center of Hermine should make landfall along the coast of Apalachee Bay during the next few hours, then move across the eastern Florida Panhandle into southeastern Georgia early Friday,” the National Hurricane Center warned late on Thursday night. “The center should then move near or over eastern South Carolina on Friday night and near or over eastern North Carolina on Saturday.”

Some areas were already being hit hard, with many trees already down and streets flooded in St. Petersburg, The Associated Press reported. In Tallahassee, there were already 32,000 customers who lost power and the city government said that repair work would not be done until the winds died down.

With national attention turned to Hurricane Hermine, there are many outlets offering live streaming coverage of the hurricane and the damage it is expected to bring.

Those who watch coverage of Hurricane Hermine live online could see the beginning of a particularly strong and long-lasting storm system. As The Weather Channel noted, the storm is expected to continue on through the eastern seaboard, and there are already warnings for a number of other states along its northerly path.

Hermine will likely become a non-tropical low by this weekend and will hover near or off the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast seaboard, potentially resulting in strong winds, coastal flooding and other impacts. A tropical storm watch is now in effect as far north as coastal parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland as well as the Virginia Tidewater since the low may still have significant impacts. For more details on what may happen in the Northeast, see this link.

Some areas of southern Georgia are expected to see up to 10 inches of rain, with between 4 and 10 inches in the Carolinas by Sunday, when Hurricane Hermine will be moving through those areas. Rainfall totals will decrease as the storm continues to move along the Atlantic Coast as it is expected to begin moving out to sea, The Associated Press reported.

Residents in those states are already preparing for the storm, with many high schools in South Carolina moving Friday night football games up to Thursday to avoid the heavy rains and wind expected.

But it is Florida that will feel the brunt of Hurricane Hermine, with the storm gaining power before making landfall in the early morning hours on Friday and dumping 10 inches of rain on the state. If it maintains its strength, Hermine will be the first hurricane to strike Florida since Wilma in 2005.


Florida Gov. Rick Scott is already issuing dire warnings, telling Sunshine State residents that the storm will bring high winds, power outages, and downed trees.

“This is a life-threatening situation,” Scott said (via Fox News). “It’s going to be a lot of risk. Right now, I want everybody to be safe.”


Those who want to watch live streaming video of Hurricane Hermine can find more coverage from CNN by clicking here. Live updates from the storm and its impact on Florida can also be found here.

[Photo by John Raoux/AP Images]