Drake and Rihanna: Pregnancy Rumors Swirl After Couple Makes Relationship Official

Rihanna and Drake are no strangers to the blogosphere rumor mill. For months, rumors of a Drake-Rihanna love affair have swirled around the internet, and now that the two musicians have made that relationship official, a new rumor about Drake and Rihanna has taken hold.

That rumor indicates that Rihanna could be pregnant with Drake’s baby.

According to Gossip Cop, the rumor is simply not true and is nothing more than a “sensational claim.”

The rumor started after Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote “maybe there is a little Drizzy on the way!” According to the website, the couple have been talking about “how cute their offspring would be.”

“Who knows how long the couple have been together behind the scenes, but now that they are official and crazy in love with one another, it looks like a baby is a given.”

As evidence, the celebrity rumor blog cites Drake’s comment at the OVO Fest in Toronto. In August, the Hotline Bling singer told the audience that he would “go half on a baby” with the 28-year-old Rihanna.

According to Gossip Cop, the evidence cited by Celebrity Dirty Laundry is simply not enough to warrant the rumor about an alleged Drake and Rihanna pregnancy that is being reported. In fact, Gossip Cop goes so far as to slam Celebrity Dirty Laundry, saying that the site is “jumping to baseless conclusions without any hard evidence.”

“It’s become standard practice for the site to take a hot topic and craft a story around it.”

Gossip Cop goes on to write: “Gossip Cop deals in facts, not fantasy. And the fact is, Rihanna is not pregnant. If and when she decides to have children, with or without Drake, it won’t be [Celeb Dirty Laundry] breaking the news.”

But according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the news hasn’t exactly been broken, as the gossip website admits that much of the report is only speculation.

“There is an awful lot of baby talk when it comes to newly confirmed couple, Rihanna and Drake,” Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports. “In recent months the couple have really taken their relationship to the next level with Drake happy to tell the world how much he loves Rihanna. He has also expressed an interest in having a baby!”

The website goes on to question whether or not Drake and Rihanna might make a pregnancy announcement somewhere down the line.

“Unless Rihanna is already pregnant? Are [they] waiting to share the news when the time is right?”

Drake and Rihanna have been linked to one another since 2009, and in recent months the couple have been routinely making appearances at each others concerts. Despite rumors, it wasn’t until this week that the couple publicly confirmed their relationship. According to an unnamed source for E! Online, Drake and Rihanna are happy about going public.

“They are fully dating. No one really knows how long they have been ‘official’ — they just decided to let it become a thing instead of hiding it from everyone. They’re happy.”

At the VMAs Sunday, Drake told the audience about his feelings for Rihanna — thought admittedly, the 29-year-old Toronto native hasn’t been shy about his love for the “Disturbia” singer.

“She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old. She’s one of my best friends in the world. All my adult life, I’ve looked up to her, even though she’s younger than me. She’s a living, breathing legend in our industry.”

What do you think about Drake and Rihanna’s confirmed relationship? Do you think there could be any truth to the rumors that Drake and Rihanna are having a baby? Why or why not?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment]