Female Gaming Site Grabs Millions


A company focusing on bringing massive multiplayer online games to the female masses has secured $5 million to make its mark. Hollywood Interactive Group, developer of MyHollywood.com, landed the funding today.

MyHollywood.com is geared toward women gamers who also love entertainment news. Its "signature" MMOG game, creatively named "The Red Carpet Game," lets you create an avatar and progress through different levels of celebrity. You navigate through a virtual Hollywood, playing mini-games, answering quizzes about current pop events, and accumulating points along the way. As you do well, you collect things like "high-status branded virtual items," as well as mansions, VIP passes, and all the other signs of being a star. (Of course, those "branded items" double as advertising -- don't think any company is getting its name on anything for free.)

The site is still in public beta, with a full release set for early next year.

Hey, it may not be my niche, but this site knows who it's targeting -- and who knows, it just might work.