Bethenny Frankel Says Dorinda Medley’s Drug Use Is Common Knowledge, Dorinda Slams Sonja Morgan

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion show included some explosive claims, one of which is that Dorinda Medley uses cocaine.

Host Andy Cohen brought up how during Bethenny Frankel’s fight with Dorinda’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, at Dorinda’s bra party, Bethenny sarcastically asked if he wanted to do drugs, specifically cocaine. Bethenny and the rest of the cast immediately got very uncomfortable and didn’t want to talk about it. Yet Andy pushed for an explanation, which led to Dorinda denying that she does drugs.

All of a sudden, Sonja Morgan blurted out that everyone knows Dorinda does drugs. The subject was eventually dropped when none of the cast members wanted to continue talking about it, with LuAnn de Lesseps saying that they agreed to not go there.

While Bethenny tried to keep her mouth shut at the reunion, she later outright claimed that Dorinda does indeed do drugs and that it’s common knowledge. Not only that, Bethenny insinuated that some of the other cast members do drugs as well.

On Thursday morning, in response to a viewer who tweeted that the drug conversation was weird and since Bethenny brought it up, it must have been common knowledge, Bethenny replied that it is common knowledge. She added that there’s more “snow” in the New York City housewives show than any other others. “Snow” is commonly used as slang for cocaine. Perhaps that’s why the other cast members were reluctant to continue talking about the subject?

After the reunion aired, Sonja defended herself. In response to one person who said that Sonja claiming that Dorinda does drugs was a low blow, Sonja tweeted that she welcomed Dorinda to the show with open arms.

According to Sonja, Bethenny spoke the truth at the reunion.

Sonja even called out Dorinda for acting as if she was innocent and thought that the drug allegation were only against her boyfriend. Sonja also made it clear that she’s still very mad at Dorinda for not including her in the group’s trip to her Berkshires home. Was Sonja still so angry about the Berkshires trip that she decided to get back at Dorinda by publicly claiming that she does cocaine?

On Instagram, Dorina posted a photo of herself sitting next to Sonja at last season’s reunion show. Dorinda wrote that the photo shows Sonja “rehearsing other crazy bogus things to say before the cameras rolled” last year. It seems that Dorinda wants people to believe that Sonja’s drug statements were another crazy and bogus thing that came out of her mouth, and something she prepared beforehand to use as an attack.

On part 1 of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion show, talk turned to Bethenny Frankel’s fight with Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, at the bra party. Host Andy Cohen reminded Bethenny that she asked John if he wanted to “go blow some lines” and “do some rails” before continuing the argument. Andy asked if Bethenny was referring to coke. Bethenny looked stunned and she opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Jules Wainstein looked away while Sonja Morgan looked intently at Bethenny. After some hesitation, Bethenny admitted that she was referring to coke. “I am,” she said.

Dorinda Medley said that she and John never even hang out with Bethenny socially outside of the show. Dorinda then questioned whether it’s Bethenny herself who does drugs.

“I don’t know where you got that? Do you know we have never gone out with Bethenny Frankel ever? I mean maybe you’re talking about a lifestyle you have? With your friends and your pool house but you don’t know my life.”

Bethenny took that as a challenge.

“Do you want to do it or do you not want to do it?”

Dorinda then seemed to say if Bethenny is claiming that John has a drug problem, she needs to know.

“If it’s about John I need to know.”

Sitting beside Bethenny, Ramona Singer said that it’s time to move on to the next question. Bethenny agreed that it was time to move on. Andy pursued the subject, pointing out that he asked because Bethenny made the claim on TV. Bethenny said that she wasn’t there “to ruin people’s lives and f**k with people.” LuAnn found that statement hilarious, pointing out that Bethenny does that all the time.

Seemingly confused, Dorinda asked if Bethenny was talking about her. “It’s about what Andy’s talking about,” Bethenny replied. “It’s about cocaine. Who does coke and doesn’t do coke,” Ramona clarified.

Bethenny said that she doesn’t think anybody wants to talk about it but if Dorinda wants to challenge her, she’ll rise to the occasion.

Dorinda said that she doesn’t do drugs.

“Well I don’t. So I mean whatever you’re gonna say, I do not. I do not. I don’t! I don’t! I don’t! Why are you insinuating that you know I do drugs? That’s a horrible thing.”

Sonja Morgan, who had a smirk on her face during Dorinda’s denial, all of a sudden blurted out that everybody knows Dorinda does drugs.

“Everybody knows you do drugs! Everybody knows!”

Dorinda denied the charge.

“I don’t do drugs. How would I do all these drugs and stuff when Hannah [Dorinda’s daughter] lives with me? I’m home every night.”

As Dorinda continued her defense, LuAnn de Lesseps stopped her and told her to “just drop it.” Bethenny agreed that they should drop the topic.

LuAnn then said something odd.

“We have decided we’re not gonna go there okay? Just drop it.”

Did the cast all agree beforehand to not talk about anyone’s drug use on the reunion show? With Ramona immediate jumping in to say that they should move on to the next question, Bethenny’s reluctance to talk about it and LuAnn cutting Dorinda off and saying that they decided that they’re weren’t going to “go there,” it seems so.

In her Bravo blog, Sonja pretty much called Dorinda a liar for denying that she does drugs. Sonja first called Dorinda a “hot mess” who frequently slurs her words and screams.

“She is a hot mess everywhere and at any occasion slurring her words and screaming, and I take her the way she is because I love her. I accept John the way he is since I first met him, because he is a good person, but you cannot take him everywhere.”

Sonja then said that she hates liars and pointed out that nobody defended Dorinda Medley regarding the drug use allegation even though they party with her all the time.

“Regarding who does drugs, drinks too much at parties, is an alcoholic, speaks inappropriately when not drinking, sleeps with married men or just for sex and not working towards marriage (aka friends with benefits/lovers), is the best in business, just enjoys their business, or has no business to really speak of, I don’t care…I hate a liar. Be mad at me and confused about your feelings and a downright bitch, but speak your truth. Don’t manipulate the facts and be a hypocrite, because it always comes out in the wash. Nobody defended Dorinda regarding drug use and they party with her allllll the tiiiiiiime.”

In her own blog, Dorinda declared that Sonja’s not her friend.

“Sonja is not my friend, she never has been, and by the looks of it, never will be. She’d rather make up stories in her head than make the effort, and I’ve got a real life going on, not an imaginary one.”

It’s not the first time that there has been claims of inappropriate drug use among the Real Housewives of New York City cast members. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Ramona Singer said on Watch What Happens Live in May that Sonja Morgan mixes anti-anxiety pills with alcohol, Sonja tweeted that it’s Ramona who’s on pills and day drinks. Then, in June, Sonja tweeted that Ramona’s more calm now because she’s on tranquilizers.

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