Teyana Taylor Lands Roles On ‘The Breaks’ And ‘Hip Hop Squares’ Following Kanye West ‘Fade’ Music Video

Teyana Taylor is on top of the world right now. After wowing pretty much everyone with her post-baby body in Kanye West’s “Fade” music video, she amassed many new fans who were in awe of such an incredible bounce back. What they didn’t seem to realize is that Teyana has been the inspiration for many women’s body goals for quite some time now.

With her most recent exposure, Teyana has become a household name. Her starring role in the “Fade” video was so impressive that she was immediately offered gigs with two upcoming VH1 shows, The Breaks and Hip Hop Squares.

MTV is calling it the “Kanye West effect.” When Teyana Taylor made her appearance in his “Fade” music video that debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone was talking about how great she did. This was a huge step up for Taylor, who was known as Iman Schumpert’s baby mama but not much else despite the fact that she’s at least been on the outskirts of the spotlight for years.

Taylor’s appearance in Kanye West’s “Fade” video still has people talking. It could be because her dance moves were flawless and looked like she had been rehearsing them all her life. The other reason Teyana’s post-baby debut was so impressive was because of the incredible shape she is in already. The irony of it all is that Teyana claims her part of the video was complete in just three takes rather than grueling hours upon hours of work like it looked she had put in.

The same goes for Teyana Taylor’s body. Taylor had baby Junie in December 2015. A picture posted just six days postpartum showed that Teyana already had a flat stomach, which is nearly unheard of. Now, with a 9-month old tot, Teyana is rocking abs that look like they have never seen the destruction that can come with pregnancy. Did we mention that Teyana Taylor gave birth at home by accident? Her whole birth story is something to behold.

While Teyana Taylor has been a force in the music business for some time, it was Kanye West’s music video premiere that broke open the doors for her. In a recent interview with VH1, Teyana said, “I feel like what Kanye did was open up that platform for everybody to see what I’ve been doing, You might not know me, but they’re trying to get familiar. I don’t think anybody meant any harm.”

For those who are just now learning who Teyana Taylor is, she really made her debut as a teenager on MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen. She was also seen in Stomp The Yard 2 back in 2010 and Madea’s Big Happy Family just a year later. Recently, Teyana was a judge for America’s Best Dance Crew in 2015, so clearly she is not a newcomer to the big or small screen.

Teyana Taylor has been busy in 2016 and things won’t be slowing down for her any time soon. As a matter of fact, she’ll probably only get more popular from here on out. Taylor was part of the Lil Kim tribute during VH1’s 2016 Hip Hop Honors recently. Now she has also landed a role on The Breaks starring Mack Wilds, Antoine Harris, and Melonie Diaz, which is set to debut at some point in 2017. She is also slated to appear on Ice Cube’s Hip Hop Squares which will also be on VH1 at some point late in 2016.

[Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images]