Adult Entertainment 'Pokemon GO' Parody Features Performer Who Attempted To Solicit Minor

The adult entertainment world has never shied away from retooling popular films and other entertainment entities for their audiences, but the latest parody currently making the rounds is incredibly questionable for more than one obvious reason.

As noted by several outlets, including the Gaily Grind, a gay, XXX-version of Pokemon GO, the augmented reality game that allows people to "capture" and battle the animated creatures in real-life, was unveiled to the world on Thursday morning. Re-titled F***emon GO, the ongoing series will see performers Johnny Rapid, born Hylan Taylor, as Ash, and Will Braun as Brock, traversing the world to become the "greatest Pokemon master" ever.

Whereas their animated counterparts from the television franchise simply befriend the ready-to-fight beings, Rapid and Braun discover that some of the "pocket monsters" are actually people, who they then have relations with. A mostly safe-for-work version of its trailer can be seen here.

"After a long day of mastering their... technique catching F**kémon," the press release, as stated by Huffington Post, reads,

"Ash and his buddy, Brock, are in for a surprise. When the boys hunt down and catch a rare Peek-a-Choo, he evolves into a muscular... god. What are these boys to do when faced with a hunky, real-life Peek-a-Choo?"
Although the choice to imbue sexuality into what is seen by many as children's entertainment is problematic enough, it is the inclusion of Rapid as the main star that pushes things to an extremely troublesome level. As reported by the Covington News in January, 2015, Taylor was arrested for battery after choking his then-girlfriend over her refusal to help him bed a 14-year-old girl.

According to the arrest record, the incident occurred one month previous when the couple, who participated in the act of "swinging" -- a non-monogamous courtship where sexual encounters outside the relationship are accepted -- approached a young woman while visiting a bowling alley in Georgia. Initially believing her to be 18, they asked her to join them for a threesome, before she admitted to both Taylor and his girlfriend that she was four years younger than the age she gave them. The girlfriend immediately chose to end all conversation, but he pressed on, demanding his partner help him finish "hooking things up."

"Taylor's girlfriend refused and walked out of the bowling alley to the car. Taylor followed her, and then, allegedly choked her and pushed her to the ground. They [then] both got into [a] car where Taylor allegedly continued to hit her until they got to a residence [by] Irwin Bridge Road."
Once at their destination, which was discovered to be the home of Taylor's mother, it was alleged that he demanded to know the whereabouts of a gun that she kept in the residence for protection. When deputies arrived, they made note of several marks and bruises on the girlfriend, including, but not limited to, a broken fingernail and blood on her earlobe, where it appeared that an earring had been violently snatched out. Taylor was then arrested and transferred to the Rockland County Jail, where he posted bail the very next day.

Following his jailing, MindGeek, the adult entertainment conglomerate that employs Taylor, temporarily ceased releasing scenes that featured him, before announcing his "triumphant" return with a YouTube video in April 2015. Warning: The following clip contains some strong language (but no nudity or sexual acts).

To this day, they have not commented on the arrest or the matter which surrounded it. Taylor remains one of the most popular models connected to, the Mindgeek offshoot site, and recently helped them to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

[Photo by Olivia Harris/Stringer/Getty Images]