‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Sam Tortured — Dean, Castiel, And Mary Winchester Attacked – Tricky Family Reunion Teased

Supernatural Season 12 will premiere on The CW network in just a few months. What can fans expect from the Winchester brothers, Castiel, and the other characters? Recently, sneak peek photos were released. They tease that Sam is alive, but is being tortured. Also, Castiel, Dean, and Mary end up being attacked.

Supernatural Season 12 spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what to expect.

On the season finale, it seemed like Lady Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore) shot Sam (Jared Padalecki). The episode concluded with viewers not knowing if Sam had been hit with a bullet or if he was still alive. However, it turns out that Sam didn’t die, but he is in a nasty predicament. The Winchester Family Business posted sneak peek photos, which reveal the Men of Letters kidnapped Sam. Not only did they take Dean’s brother, but he is being tortured with a blowtorch.

Other events that occurred during the season finale was Amara (Emily Swallow) reconciling with Chuck (Rob Benedict), which restored the sun as well as Chuck’s life force. It was a surprising solution that Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) came up with. Supernatural fans were expecting something more complicated, a death, or at least a battle. However, the issue with the sun was resolved with a simple conversation about family.

As a result of the reconciliation, Dean and Sam were given a gift. Their dead mother, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), was resurrected. This is going to be interesting going into Supernatural Season 12. According to Tell-Tale TV, Jared Padalecki revealed Sam’s feelings toward his mother in a Comic-Con interview. The actor stated that he wants to protect his mother, just like Dean wants to protect Sam. However, Mary is a hunter, and she isn’t going to sit back and let her children hunt on their own.

The sneak peek photos show Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) in the Impala. Cass doesn’t look so good, and it is clear he just survived some sort of battle. In the next picture, Mary Winchester is seen sitting in the car, too. She has dried blood on the side of her forehead. Supernatural Season 12 spoilers tease that even though Mary has been out of practice for a while, she handles the fight pretty well.

A few months ago, Padalecki told TV Line that Mary Winchester‘s return to Supernatural wouldn’t just be about hunting or her resurrection. There is emotional baggage that needs to be dealt with. Dean remembers his mother more than Sam does. While Dean needs closure, Sam is curious and wants answers to some questions. One spoiler that was released at that time includes Dean and Sam not knowing the whole truth about Mary. Her return will definitely bring up buried feelings, but there might be some tension as well. Since Dean and Sam will be getting to know their mother in Season 12, there will likely be some surprising secrets exposed. It wouldn’t be a Winchester family reunion without at least one shocking revelation.

In a separate report from TV Line, Jared Padalecki revealed that there might be some conflict with Mary regarding the family business.

“Sam blames Dad for all the hunting stuff, but really, you could argue it’s Mom’s fault. She was the hunter. It was the Campbell family, not the Winchester family. It wasn’t her fault, but it was her lineage that led us to where we are now.”

What do you think is going to happen with Sam and the Men of Letters? What do you expect from Castiel and Dean? What are your thoughts on Mary Winchester’s return? Find out when The CW network airs the Supernatural Season 12 premiere on October 13.

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