Miley Cyrus Feuds With Alicia Keys, Flirts With Blake Shelton To Gwen Stefani’s Dismay On ‘The Voice’

Miley Cyrus reportedly has not lost her famous ability to toss a wrecking ball into the action. Now a coach on the popular TV singing competition The Voice, Miley reportedly is battling with the other female coach, Alicia Keys, while giving coach Blake Shelton’s gal pal Gwen Stefani a reason to worry.

Even though the show has not yet made its official debut, Miley is already involved in a feud with Keys, according to a source cited by OK.

What has Cyrus done to deserve Alicia’s disdain? The insider claims that Keys is not fond of Miley’s wild child ways and sometimes “crude” comments.

Miley has shown only love for The Voice on social media, posting sneak peeks of the fun to come.

But Keys reportedly is battling Miley when it comes to getting the camera to turn her way, as well as attracting more attention.

“Alicia doesn’t take Miley seriously and is constantly rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrows when she speaks,” revealed the insider.

“They are constantly bickering and competing for attention and camera time.”

Keys also allegedly dislikes Cyrus because the “Wrecking Ball” singer is the pet of the crew on The Voice. The source revealed that the production staff is totally charmed with Miley, viewing her as the “most fun” coach in the history of the show. But the love from the crew reportedly is only making the feud between the two female coaches worse.

Moreover, this isn’t a one-sided battle.

“Miley thinks Alicia is way too uptight and serious,” added the source.

In addition, In Touch reported that the alleged feud between Miley and the other female coach began on the first day of The Voice, a report that Gossip Cop investigated.

In Touch‘s insider claimed that Cyrus and Keys were at odds in every way, annoying each other with their dramatically contrasting personalities and battling to get more time on TV.

“There is definite competition and tension between between these two, and it’s only a matter of time before it explodes.”

However, a source from the set of The Voice told Gossip Cop that Alicia and Miley are not at war. The two coaches “completely love each other,” according to that source. As for the claim that the feud began as soon as the filming started?

The coaches on "The Voice' hit a high note.
“[Alicia and Miley] literally hit it off immediately,” revealed the source, adding, “Everyone is having fun [working on the show].”

As for competition between the two coaches, that’s the name of the game. Cyrus admitted that she wants to win The Voice, noted ET.

“I’m a little competitive,” teased Miley. “Alicia and I are new. We’re coming fresh into this.”

At 23, Cyrus was raised in a family that understands show biz, and she explained that her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) led the way.

“He had no idea where to go or what to do or how to even have people listen to your music. When I wanted to make this my life, when I wanted to be an entertainer, my family kind of knew, ‘OK, this is how you get started,'” added Miley.

Miley Cyrus sings solo on "The Voice."
Together with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, Miley and Alicia will form the new coaching line-up on The Voice, which officially premieres on NBC on Monday, Sept. 19.

“I think it’s going to be very cool to have two female coaches,” declared Cyrus. “Especially because, as much as the world likes to make this girl cat-fight scenario, we’re so not those girls. That’s actually Blake and Adam who are more those girls.”

When it comes to Shelton, however, Hollywood Life references a source who claims that Miley’s fondness for flirting has caused Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani to become upset.

“Gwen trusts Blake, but she knows Miley can be very, very flirty.”

Shelton and Cyrus have been working together closely during the filming of The Voice, and as Stefani knows from her own experience in going from platonic pals to a romantic relationship on that same show, anything can happen when the cameras are turned off.

Because Blake and Miley will be devoting even more time to working together after The Voice goes live this autumn, Gwen reportedly is concerned. But Stefani allegedly has hatched a plan to watch over Cyrus’ antics.

“[Gwen] plans on being on set as much as possible,” added the insider.

[Photo by Trae Patton/NBC/The Voice]