Kate Gosselin Acknowledges Child Abuse Allegations Briefly On Twitter

Kate Gosselin, former wife of Jon Gosselin and mom to the pair’s titular eight kids, has been under fire lately after a recent tell-all ebook, self-published by a man named Robert Hoffman, detailed alleged child abuse of the Gosselin brood at the hands of alleged meanie mom Kate in a work titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

Indeed, Kate Gosselin has for some time had a bit of a shrewish reputation, but by many accounts, the book (which has as of yet not been picked up by any reputable publisher) accuses the mom of eight of some very strangely not-relevant behavior — like, as recounted on RadarOnline, parking the wrong way in front of the UPS Store and reading (gasp!) the popular novel Fifty Shades Of Gray.

Kate Gosselin, who has been trying to revamp and reinvigorate her career since her reality show was axed a while back, briefly addressed the allegations in the book on Twitter, but refused to name the man who wrote it nor refer to the book itself in her mention.

Although Kate Gosselin retweeted several criticisms of the author of and the book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, the reality show mom only had this to say directly about the accusations made against her in the ebook:

Gosselin also tweeted:

Kate has not made any other mention of the child abuse allegations on Twitter.