‘Backstabbed’: Lifetime Movie Depicts Ruthless Side Of Million-Dollar Making Real Estate Brokers, Stars Josie Davis

Backstabbed is a thrilling new movie that may depict the cutthroat nature of real estate practices and its brokers. The new Lifetime movie, which airs this weekend, according to Boston Globe, is directed by Doug Campbell and written by Bryan Dick and Raul Inglis. Backstabbed tells the story of a desperate housewife who gets into the real estate business but quickly regrets it after learning that her boss has shady and murderous business dealings. It stars Josie Davis as Paulette Bolton and Brittany Underwood as Shelby Wilson.

Synopsis: Backstabbed on Lifetime

Shelby Adams is struggling with her husband, Grant, who has a low-paying job and no prospects of bettering their future. Desperate to make money, Shelby decides to turn in her housewife apron to become a hot shot real estate agent.

She couldn’t have asked for a better mentor in Paulette, her new female boss, who is beautiful, smart, and a bit ruthless when it comes to making land deals.

Under her tutelage, Shelby is going to learn the ropes of the real estate business and score millions of dollars in return for her hard work. But this dream job in real estate comes at a cost, Shelby soon finds out.

First, Paulette asks her to pose as a potential buyer of an expensive home, then she asks her to lie about being a mold expert just to pass inspection.

Shelby’s husband becomes suspicious of Paulette and believes that she is getting Shelby involved in unethical and illegal activities. On top of that, Paulette seems to be negatively affecting their already fragile marriage. Soon, Shelby wants out of the business with Paulette and decides to go out on her own. Now that she knows real estate inside and out, she hopes to use her knowledge to steal a major deal away from her boss with the help of Matt, a treasured investor.

But when Paulette finds out Shelby’s plan, she is out to show everyone that she’ll do whatever it takes to be the best in the real estate business, even if it means killing anyone in her path who is bold enough to cross her. Will Shelby be able to escape Paulette’s wrath and save her own life as well as her marriage?

True Story? Nope.

Sorry folks. Despite this one being produced by Johnson Production Group, it doesn’t appear to have any true-story basis. Of course, there are plenty of true stories, involving the deaths of real estate agents. Two cases that The Inquisitr has previously covered include the murder of Vern Holbrook, whose business partner wanted him dead. Then there is the case of Beverly Carter, an Arkansas real estate broker who was kidnapped and murdered.

If you have time, the case of Deepak Bhardwaj might also be interesting. In that story, Deepak was a real estate mogul who was shot dead in his farmhouse in a contract killing. It was thought that his enemies put out the hit due to jealousy over his lucrative land deals.

Cast Bio: Backstabbed Lifetime Movie, according to IMDB

Actress Josie Davis

“This Hollywood, California native has been acting all of her life. Josie Davis began her career at the age of 3, starring in numerous television commercials. She was cast as a series regular on the hit television show Charles in Charge (1984) (Davis played the adorable, intelligent poet “Sarah Powell” opposite heartthrob Scott Baio). Davis returned to television and landed parts in highly-rated television films likePsychic Murders (2002), alongside Henry Rollins and James Russo. She followed that success with notable turns in the critically-acclaimed dramas Philly (2001) with Kim Delaney, The Division (2001), CSI: Miami (2002) alongside David Caruso and Blind Injustice (2005), to name just a few.”

Backstabbed, which was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, is produced by Johnson Production Group and Golden Oak Entertainment. Tune into Backstabbed this Saturday, September 3, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime Television. Last weekend, Lifetime movie lovers enjoyed the premiere of Unwanted Guest.

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