Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye And Reality TV Star Ignore Each Other Backstage At The MTV VMAs

A Kim Kardashian divorce might be underway sooner than we thought. While the reality TV star and Kanye cuddled up in front of the cameras at the MTV VMAs, their behavior was completely different behind the scenes.


During the live broadcast, the Hollywood power couple could be seen holding each other and gazing into one another’s eyes, reported Yahoo Celebrity. Other guests at the award ceremony kept approaching the duo, whether taking selfies with Kim or wanting to hear one of Kanye’s crazy rants. While Kanye and Kim catered to the public, behind the scenes presented something entirely different. MTV reportedly had behind-the-scenes cameras that captured the couple completely ignoring each other backstage.

While Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have been circulating for a while, the current status of the couple has remained the same. When sitting backstage at the MTV VMAs, Kim and Kanye both seemed to be too occupied with their phones to communicate with each other. While their dressing room had two chairs next to one another, Kim Kardashian chose to sit at a desk across from her husband. This was only one of the many weird instances between the couple that took place that night.

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems to be a possibility. The reality TV star seems to not be as invested in her marriage as much as Kanye appears to be. While Beyonce was giving her acceptance speech for winning Video of the Year for “Formation,” Kardashian intently listened to her talk. As Beyonce continued to talk, Kanye tried to hold and snuggle his wife. Instead, Kim shrugged off her husband’s affectionate ways and continued listening to singer’s acceptance speech.

Although drama has been surrounding Kim and Kanye’s relationship for a long time, the rapper still appears to be very much in love with his wife. Prior to the MTV VMAs, Kanye gave his wife a brand new ring. The piece of jewelry is apparently as big as her engagement ring from the rapper, reported People.


Kim Kardashian divorce rumors only seemed to get worse after the MTV VMAs. While Kanye did say that his “wife is a G” during his acceptance speech, he also thanked his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose for her help. The rapper also referenced Kim Kardashian’s previous sex tape partner Ray J. Despite all the weirdness that existed between Kim and Kanye during the awards ceremony, the two still continued doing their usual antics. While Kanye went on one of his bizarre rants, Kim Kardashian took a multitude of selfies with Michael Phelps, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears, just to name a few.

Kim Kardashian divorce rumors have been huge this summer. Earlier in August, Radar Online reported that the couple was debating whether or not they were going to have a third child. Kim Kardashian was allegedly putting a lot of attention on her youngest child, Saint, for quite a while. An insider close to the Kardashian clan told Radar Online that the couple’s daughter, North, was beginning to get jealous of her younger brother.

“North is just so completely over her little brother that she has been telling Kim that she now wants a sister… She has just been feeling so rejected by her mom lately.”

A Kim Kardashian divorce could also possibly be a result of the reality star’s neglectfulness of her daughter. Kardashian has been focusing on her son so much that Kanye has had to begin taking more responsibility for his little girl, explained the family insider.

“Kim cannot give North the kind of love that she needs right now, so North has been forced into being a complete daddy’s girl.”

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[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]