‘The Young And The Restless’ Celebrates 11,000 Episodes: Look Back At 5 Of The Greatest Moments [Video]

The Young and the Restless has spent most of the month celebrating your favorite soap opera stars’ favorite moments on the show, CBS Local reports.

Actors have come and gone over the past four decades, but the drama between the Newmans and the Abbotts remains constant in the series. A few of the actors have passed away, yet their mark on the series remains intact. As a celebration of 11,000 amazing episodes, we will look back at five of the best moments on the show, and take you back with a short video clip of each moment. In the comments section below, tell the Inquisitr what your favorite The Young and the Restless moment is and why.


Katherine’s Last Scene

For many Young and the Restless fans, Jeanne Cooper’s final scene was bittersweet. She had been on medical leave due to health issues for quite some time, and viewers were thrilled to see her one last time. In the scene, Katherine explained what kind of person she was looking for to head Chancellor Industries and the reasons why Jill wasn’t the right person for the job. Katherine appeared fragile as she told Jill she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. As a tribute to Jill’s beginnings on the show, she asked the matriarch if she wanted help up the stairs.

Katherine replied, “No, I think I can manage. Goodnight, Jill.”

It was a touching scene.

Who Killed Diane Jenkins?

Most Young and the Restless fans remember the storyline of Diane Jenkins’ death. Pretty much the whole city had a reason to want her dead, and many had the opportunity. In the end, it looked like Phyllis or Nikki was probably the murderer, but when it came out who killed her, it surprised the viewers. It was a huge sweeps storyline and drove the ratings up. The suspects were everyone from Nikki Newman to Jack Abbott. Diane was great at making enemies and charming her way to get what she wanted from the men of the city.

Phyllis And Sharon

Sharon and Phyllis have had a few amazing scenes together, but none were better than when Sharon was in jail for murder. Sharon was accused of murdering Skye, who faked her death. Sharon had proof she was alive but lost the camera. Phyllis promised Sharon she would get to the bottom of what really happened. Phyllis went to see her in jail and asked her to be completely honest about what happened with Skye in Hawaii.

Sharon explains she saw her on the edge of the volcano and she went to snap a picture, but it fell in the fiery blaze. And, that’s not all, Skye plunged to her death inside the volcano. She had proof that she faked her death, but lost it. Phyllis asked Sharon how is she suppose to believe that she didn’t kill Skye in Hawaii.

Sharon replied, “Phyllis, if I was going to kill anyone–in the heat of the moment, it would be you, over and over.”

It was truly an Emmy-winning performance for both Sharon Case and Michelle Stafford.

Cassie’s Death

When Cassie Newman died on the Young and the Restless, many fans were upset with the decision. They felt that killing children was an unnecessary plot twist, and they could have sent Cassie away to a bordering school instead. Her death served as a public service announcement about teenage drinking. It also puts Phyllis in Nick’s orbit on the show and led to their affair and Summer’s birth. It was needed, but it was hard to watch.

When Cassie died, she told her mother and father, they’d have another daughter one day. About a year later, Summer was born, and Nick thought she was predicting her sister’s birth. When in reality, she was probably predicting Faith’s birth.

Delia’s Death And Aftermath

Few storylines have touched Young and the Restless fans in such a way that brings them to tears over and over. Delia’s death is one of those storylines because no one was truly at fault. Adam was convicted of running over her, but many viewers don’t believe he was involved at all. They believe someone else may have accidentally run over her on that snowy night, but Adam took the fall. What makes her death so hard to watch was Billy ‘s life spiraled out of control afterward, as well as her mother, Chloe’s. It led to Billy Miller and Micheal Muhney’s exit from The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless fans, tell us about your favorite scene? Stick with the Inquisitr for more the Young and the Restless spoilers, news, and casting updates.


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