Matthew McConaughey Turns To Animation, Fails To Make His Mark With YouTube Videos

Matthew McConaughey Kubo and the Two Strings

Matthew McConaughey, the American actor, has already earned a name for himself by winning an Academy Award in the best actor category for his performance in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. Now, the talented actor can be seen venturing into the world of animation by lending his voice to key characters in animated films.

Recently, the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actor was featured in the voice cast of Kubo and the Two Strings, a stop-motion animated film from Laika Studios. Matthew McConaughey is the voice of Beetle, a bug warrior who helps Kubo, a one-eyed village boy, who has set out on a quest to find his father’s magical armor that will protect him from his grandfather’s evil spirits. Matthew McConaughey delivers an impactful performance in the animation that is emotive and which, according to critics, rightly depicts the world through the eyes of a child.

Matthew McConaughey confessed that he was never much of an animation fanatic and that the only stop-motion cartoon films that he was ever fond of were Land of the Lost and The Incredible Hulk. However, Kubo and the Two Strings quickly struck a chord with him because the film is based upon the importance of learning from others to achieve your goals.

No one can appreciate this fact better than the A Time to Kill actor himself as he was always coached and mentored by Penny Lawson, his dear friend, who died recently. According to the National Post, Matthew McConaughey spoke in favor of the main plot of the movie that encourages audiences to lead a fearless life.

“One of the themes is that you’ve got to fight [your fears] and you’ve got to have the courage to write the third act of your life, to get to the happy ending.”

In fact, several of Matthew McConaughey’s recent film projects have explored the common theme of fearlessness. For instance, Free State of Jones, McConaughey’s most recent movie, shows him playing the role of Newton Knight, an enraged and fearless civil war soldier who rebels against the Confederates despite being a farmer from the southern state of Mississippi. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Matthew not only delivers an impressive performance but his makeup enables him to closely resemble the soldier whose circumstances convince him that the civil war was, in fact, a struggle between the rich and the poor.

Apart from his acting projects, Matthew McConaughey is also involved in charitable activities. The Failure to Launch actor and his wife, Camila, have established the “Just Keep Livin’ Foundation” to help at-risk youth to improve their health, well-being, and other aspects of life.

More importantly, the McConaugheys believe in making life better by giving back to society. As a part of their social service, the couple encourages fans to buy various products from their organization, with a part of each sale going directly to help the youth.

Recently, Matthew McConaughey posted videos on his YouTube channel that served to promote his social work. Some of the videos also showed the Failure to Launch actor talking about other charities which had partnered with “Just Keep Livin’ Foundation,” however, the video failed to gather the much-needed attention on the popular platform. The videos would have gone all but unnoticed had it not been for a Reddit user who made the YouTube videos known to other fans by sharing the websites that he had bookmarked.

The Huffington Post reports that Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube videos managed to garner a much larger fan following when the bookmarked videos were shared with other users.

According to Vanity Fair, Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube videos are very concise, and the duration of each video is reported to be less than a minute.

The last of those videos was posted three months ago and shows the actor speaking about Sing, an upcoming animated musical comedy in which McConaughey lends his voice to a koala who is struggling to save his theater.

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