Instagram Photos Before $23 Million Cocaine Bust: Melina Roberge, Isabelle Lagace And André Tamine — Plus 209 Pounds Of Coke

Instagram Photos Before $30 Million Cocaine Bust: Melina Roberge, Isabelle Lagace And André Tamine

The rich people of Instagram sometimes post lavish photos of their wealth and travels. Now the world knows how 28-year-old Isabelle Lagace and 22-year-old Melina Roberge were able to post such lavish Instagram photos of their worldly travels, as seen in the Instagram photos from Melina’s Instagram account throughout this article. However, Lagace and Roberge will soon have mugshot and booking photos — along with 63-year-old André Tamine — to add to their collection of glamorous Instagram photos.

First time in Papeete and not the last one ✌????️????

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As reported by the New York Daily News, Lagace, Roberge, and Tamine were all busted for having 95 kilograms — about 209 pounds — worth of cocaine in their suitcases aboard a Sea Princess cruise ship. The bounty of cocaine can also be seen throughout this article, not from Lagace or Roberge’s Instagram accounts — but via the photos that were provided by the Australia Border Force.

Jungle selfie ????????

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Now, Lagace, Roberge, and Tamine are facing a potential life sentence in prison after customs seized the $23 million worth of cocaine stuffed into a suitcase in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday, August 28.

As reported by Heavy, Isabelle and Melina didn’t take a ton of social media photos together, but the duo can be seen in the Instagram photo embedded above together. The fact that Melina wrote it was her first time in Pape’ete — in Tahiti — but not the last time is being met with all sorts of comments on Melina’s Instagram page, now that the news about the big cocaine bust has become public.

Coconut water detox ????????

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Tamine, Roberge, and Lagace were all charged with smuggling cocaine by Sydney police. The drug bust was the biggest one Australia has seen, regarding cruise ship or airline passengers. It isn’t known if Melina’s Instagram photos tipped off authorities in any way to the source of her riches, but it is reported that Sydney is a big port for cruise ships — therefore, authorities are constantly aware of the risk to passengers, reports AOL.

cocaine bust
The specific cruise ship that Tamine, Roberge, and Lagace used was deemed a high-risk ship because of the sheer number of ports the ship had travelled to — and due to the nature of the ship. Tamine, Roberge, and Lagace — all Canadians — had come aboard the ship near the beginning of July, but it isn’t known where they procured the cocaine.

French Polynesia got us like … ???????? #dumbanddumber

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The large seizure of drugs leads authorities to believe that Tamine, Roberge, and Lagace were drug mules as part of a larger organization. As a result, more arrests beyond those of Tamine, Roberge, and Lagace may be forthcoming.

➰ : means the protection of the traveler ???? #indonesiantattoo

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Meanwhile, it is an entertaining thing to read through some of the comments being left on social media beneath Melina’s Instagram photos, as can be read below. On one Instagram photo wherein Melina writes about a protective tattoo, folks have written all sorts of snarky comments. Apparently, “flossing” on Instagram with filthy lucre isn’t going over well with the Instagram crowd.

Chilling in the pj day ????✨ #lazyaf

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“That’s what he told you lol, it really says this girl is an international drug smuggler! Acting like a clueless high-class call girl with her friend and her never seen on camera sponsor, customs ain’t here for that.”

“Your a** isn’t protected anymore.”

Sleep – coffee – work – ????

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“Means protection of the traveler LOL!!! Oh the irony.”

My monday > your monday ????

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“I heard life in Australia is no more than 20 & if they have no criminal history then they [are gonna] do about 5 years………if so they still lit!”

Sun's out sunburns out ???????? #cuitapoint

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“Remind me not to get a Polynesian tattoo.”

Gone to a place very peaceful • leave a message after the tone ????????

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“Looks like that s*** jinxed u.”


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In one Instagram photo, Melina bragged about her Monday being greater than everyone else’s Monday. That Instagram photo received plenty of “clap back” comments. Another Instagram photo shows Melina celebrating her mother’s birthday.

[Photo by Australian Border Force/AP Images]