Bethenny Frankel Went ‘Off The Rails’ On Part 1 Of The ‘RHONY’ Reunion, Finally Put ‘Liar’ LuAnn De Lesseps In Her Place

Bethenny Frankel unleashed everything during the Real Housewives of New York reunion.

After one of RHONY’s most dramatic seasons ever, Frankel went “off the rails” when the women revisited many of this year’s top feuds. How did Frankel’s co-stars react?

According to ET Online, many of the stars of the show had a difficult time processing what went down during the reunion.

“There were so many bombshells [at the reunion], my head was spinning. It took me two weeks to recover,” Ramona Singer shared.

Sonja Morgan added that she could barely speak after filming for the reunion ended.

Monsters and Critics is reporting that Morgan even walked off set at one point, telling her co-stars: “I don’t want to be a part of this show.”

The cast only had one break during the 15 hours it took to film the reunion, which could be one reason why the drama reached an all-time high.


To add to the grueling filming schedule, Frankel was suffering through a fever, which probably didn’t make her attitude any better.

“For not feeling well, she really went off the rails,” Singer stated.

For her part, Frankel wasn’t happy with how things unfolded during the reunion.

“I didn’t enjoy it at all,” she revealed. “Last year, we all went to dinner afterwards. This year ended differently.”

Despite going “off the rails,” Frankel added that some of the ladies have dirt in their past that isn’t open to discussion. Not only does this make things difficult for the often outspoken Frankel, but it might lead to her exit next season.

“You have 50 percent of the cast that has a whole taboo, police line, a do-not-cross section of their life that is not discussed on camera and never has been,” Frankel stated. “For legal issues and liability issues, Bravo doesn’t need to bring it up. It’s a difficult line to ride, and that may be why I don’t come back.”

Meanwhile, there were plenty of other issues throughout this season of RHONY that provided plenty of talking points for the reunion.

For starters, Frankel dove headfirst into Jules Wainstein’s divorce drama and claimed that Wainstein came on the show just to get divorced.

On the other hand, LuAnn de Lesseps thinks Wainstein’s intentions were pure.

“I think Jules came into the show very much married,” she stated. “They looked very much together. I was surprised, like everybody else, to hear.”

Speaking of de Lesseps, Frankel had plenty to say about her controversial engagement to Tom D’Agostino.


As fans will recall, Frankel showed de Lesseps evidence during the season finale that D’Agostino cheated on her before their engagement party.

In the reunion, ET Online reports that de Lesseps accuses Frankel of dating a married man.

Bethenny didn’t miss a beat, correcting LuAnn by explaining her boyfriend is separated.

“But she was going out with him for awhile, while he was still married and living at home. Everybody knows it!” LuAnn said. “This has been going on for a long time, so as much as you want to say he’s separated, you’re separated, that is not the case! That’s a lie, and you’re a hypocrite!”

“LuAnn, there’s not a guy in Manhattan that you haven’t slept with!” Bethenny shouted back.

Then de Lesseps dug even deeper into her arsenal and claimed that Bethenny was friends with her current boyfriend’s ex-wife.

But Bethenny Frankel was ready and simply placed a call to her boyfriend’s daughter and asked if her dad left her mom for her.

The daughter denied it and even told Bethenny “I love you,” before hanging up.

“Say it again that I was dating a married man while I was in his house!” she cheered.

“You are a liar. You are a horrible person,” LuAnn replied.

“You were born a liar, and you will die a liar!” Bethenny blasted back.

Even with the evidence, LuAnn still would not back down – seriously!


Despite their drama during part 1 of the reunion, de Lesseps was happy with how everything unfolded at the reunion.

“I actually like the reunion because you get to really tell your side of the story,” she shared. “There’s redemption. There’s starting over.”

Lastly, Frankel also stirred up drama with Dorinda Medley and her boyfriend, John Mahdessian.

In fact, Frankel constantly fought with Medley in the beginning of the season, which led to Mahdessian becoming less a part of the show as the season wore on.

As far as the reunion is concerned, 2 Paragraphs is reporting that Frankel took another shot at Medley, saying, “Opinions are like a**holes, we all have them.”

To which Medley replied, “Well, that’s an a**hole opinion.”


In the end, it doesn’t sound like Frankel is willing to sign on for another season of RHONY just yet. Does this mean Frankel will leave the hit reality series for the second time?

“Something very dramatic happened at the reunion to question my integrity,” Frankel admitted. “If someone questions my business or my integrity, I take it really seriously; I don’t just kind of gloss over it. So, I think maybe the ‘fun and light’ Bethenny that people expect, with the quips and the comebacks, wasn’t there.”

Part 2 of the Season 8 reunion of the Real Housewives of New York airs next Wednesday night on Bravo.

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