Sofia Richie Confirms Justin Bieber Romance On Instagram As He Is Spotted With Another Woman

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber are Instagram official.

Although the 22-year-old singer recently stepped out with another woman in Los Angeles, Sofia Richie, 18, appears confident in their relationship, and earlier this week, she posted a photo of herself and Bieber’s dog.

On August 30, Teen Vogue shared Sofia Richie’s photo of the pet, which was captioned, “Mornings with Todd.” In the picture, Todd was seen standing on what appeared to be a giant chess board in Bieber’s backyard.

The outlet went on to claim that while it is possible that Sofia Richie posted the photo only because she found the dog to be cute, the sharing seemed to be a “pretty major move” for the model. After all, just weeks ago, Miley Cyrus was said to have confirmed her relationship with Liam Hemsworth for the first time since their reconciliation with a photo of his dog.

While it is hard to say what Sofia Richie was thinking when she decided to share the photo, Teen Vogue suggested it may have been a “sneaky move to cement things” between her and Bieber publicly.

A short time after Sofia Richie shared the photo of her rumored flame’s dog, he caught the attention of paparazzi in Los Angeles when he was spotted outside of a nightclub with another woman. In photos shared by the Daily Mail, Bieber and the mystery brunette where seen sharing a tight embrace outside of Villa Lounge before he seemingly swapped numbers with the woman.

In one photo, Bieber was seen looking down at his phone as the woman stood in front of him looking down at whatever it was he was doing. Meanwhile, in the background of the photos of Bieber and his mystery girl, several other men were seen.

Although Sofia Richie appears to be enjoying her time with Justin Bieber, her older sister, Nicole Richie, is reportedly upset after the romance, which began just one month after Bieber was linked to her longtime friend Kourtney Kardashian.

“Nicole is flipping out right now over the fact that her sister [Sofia Richie] is dating Justin Bieber!” a source told Radar Online on August 31. “Nicole told Sofia that she is just setting herself up for disaster and it has caused a huge rift between the two sisters. Sofia told Nicole to just mind her own business.”

Sofia Richie’s current love interest was believed to be involved in an on and off relationship with 37-year-old Kardashian from October of last year until July of this year, and apparently that hasn’t sat well with Nicole. However, when it comes to Sofia Richie, she is unwilling to hear any negativity from her family — or anyone else — and feels that she and Bieber are the real deal.

“[Sofia Richie] also told Nicole that she and Justin are for real,” the insider said.

“But Nicole thinks she knows how this will end and she is only trying to protect Sofia from getting hurt… [Sofia Richie] is not going to listen to anything that anyone has to say – not even her own family members. She is set on making Justin her boyfriend.”

Sofia Richie was first spotted with Bieber in early August in Laguna Beach and later traveled to Japan with the singer. In the weeks since, the two have indulged in a tropical vacation as well as some fun in Los Angeles.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Nomad Two Worlds (USA) Inc]