‘Glee’ Creator Ryan Murphy Admits To Secretly Marrying Months Ago

Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee and American Horror Story, is officially a married man. The thing is, it all happened months ago, completely under the media’s radar.

Murphy recently admitted to secretly exchanging vows with his fiance David Miller in July 2012 in an interview with Vogue. Murphy, one of television’s most innovative writers and directors, had been dating Miller for two years when they married on July 4 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and he says that his relationship with photographer Miller has made him a better man:

“He’s the Rock of Gibraltar. Incredibly kind and very wise and not interested in celebrity or money or fame. Just family and love. The very thing I needed at a point in my life when I was like a balloon with no tether. He was like, ‘Sit down. Shut the f— up. You’re wrong. Be humble. Be smarter. Stop.’ That was David,” Murphy gushes of his husband.

The Golden Globe winner also admitted that the two are even talking about starting a family.

“We both had really difficult, tumultuous upbringings, and it’s … not a way to heal that … but definitely a way to explore it … I want the kid to be bold,” Murphy says.

Murphy does have some minor reservations about having kids, particularly his feeling that they’ll intensify his obsessive-compulsive disorder:

“I worry about that! I have really bad OCD. My thing, since I was a child, is that I can have chaos within control. So if I have a desk, I art-direct the pens, and then I can be a whirling dervish,” he jokes.

All of that aside, Glee‘s Lea Michele says that she’s certain the two will make good dads:

“I know that deep down they are going to be the most incredible parents,” she said. “I am incredibly jealous that I am not their daughter. Because the Murphy household would be my dream.”

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