‘NASA Doesn’t Want You to See Giant Alien UFO Flying Past ISS’: Agency Accused Of Using Software To Block ET Spacecraft That Appeared On Live Feed [Video]

UFO enthusiasts claim to have recorded footage from the ISS live stream showing what appear to be lights from two UFOs hovering near the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. According to conspiracy theorists, the UFOs appeared to be monitoring and inspecting the satellite.

But some UFO enthusiasts claimed that analysis of the video suggests that the lights were, in fact, from a single giant alien craft or spaceship drifting past the ISS at the time. But the lights appear in the footage to be from two separate UFOs because NASA was using software to block out large parts of the spaceship.

The allegation that NASA was using software to block out a giant spaceship that appeared in the ISS live feed arose from viewers’ observation that the two UFO lights disappeared abruptly long before reaching the end of the screen. But skeptics claimed that the abrupt disappearance of the lights indicates that they were reflections of light from the ISS.

“Something is blocking that pic. The lights go by but… the rest of the video is blocked. NASA doesn’t want you to see [the UFO].

But conspiracy theorists insisted that the video evidence suggests that NASA was trying to cover up UFO evidence by editing the live feed.

Claims about the footage sparked lively debate on UFO forums. Many UFO enthusiasts touted it as the latest video evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence in our solar system.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube on August 27, 2016, by the prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1. It shows two UFO lights flashing and flying close to a section if the ISS.

The lights, according to enthusiasts, were from two alien spacecraft monitoring the ISS in low Earth orbit and approaching it to make a close inspection of the section of the satellite where the cargo spacecraft called Progress was docked.

Progress is an expendable cargo spacecraft operated by the Russians and used to resupply the ISS. It docks with the ISS a few times in a year. After docking and offloading supplies, it is loaded with waste from the ISS, deorbited and allowed to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere during re-entry.

According to the UFO blogger Scott Waring, the footage gives conclusive evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in our solar system. The veteran alien hunter insisted that the UFOs were manned by extraterrestrials monitoring and inspecting the ISS.

“This is 100% proof that aliens do monitor the space station.”

Giant alien UFO in Earth orbit Giant UFO spaceship flies past ISS in orbit [Image via Shutterstock]“Streetcap1 of YouTube caught two UFOs moving above the space station on live NASA cam,” Waring wrote in an August 30 blog update. “The first UFO is smaller… which tells me it is farther away that the second larger UFO.”

Many UFO enthusiasts agreed that the footage shows alien spacecraft flying close to the ISS, and NASA came under fire over its alleged policy of non-disclosure of evidence of extraterrestrial life.

“Waiting to see the explanation they [NASA and government] come out with for this,” an enthusiast commented.

“The ISS is a complete hoax,” another commented angrily, “and they are preparing us for the great deception.”

But some viewers suggested that the footage does not show two alien crafts, but a single massive UFO mothership flying past the ISS. The viewers alleged that NASA was actually using software to block out a large craft.

“It almost looks like a giant spaceship is passing by, but the rest of it is being blocked by some kind of invisible wall perhaps using some kind of software,” YouTube user DragonMaster204 argued. “Notice the colored squares around the ISS, just like what has been found in various Apollo pictures as if the rest of the picture has been covered up.”

“It does look like a mirror is covering most of it… could it be a projection?”

Progress M-52 Progress cargo spacecraft [Image via crew of Expedition 11/NASA/Public Domain]Repeated allegations that NASA was using software to edit out a massive UFO that appeared in the ISS live stream elicited comments about recent reports that NASA was ending the live ISS feed in September.

“The reason why NASA is ending the live ISS feed is because they can’t censor enough of what is showing up without making the truth obvious in and of itself,” a third enthusiast commented. “So they are closing the public feed off entirely.”

The Inquisitr reported early last month that members of the UFO community protested the announcement by NASA that it was shutting down the ISS live video feed permanently. UFO enthusiasts alleged that the agency took the decision because “higher-ups” were worried that the feed had become a major source of UFO evidence.

“I can see why NASA would want to shut the live feed down,” UFO hunter Scott C. Waring commented at the time on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “It is teaching the public that aliens exist, and if the public learns that, then NASA is no longer needed.”

NASA made an unexpected announcement on July 29 that it would begin phasing out the live stream from the ISS in August and end it on September 1.

“NASA Television’s Space Station Live program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1.”

Following repeated allegations of official UFO and ET cover-up against NASA by members of the UFO community, the agency issued statements last April, saying that it does not have a policy of hiding or covering up UFO evidence.

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