Why Rita Ora Was Chosen To Sing For Pope Francis At The Vatican

Chanel Adams

Rita Ora has been making headlines for her racy attire and even edgier photos. But, according to new reports, the British pop star is the perfect choice to sing for Pope Francis at the Vatican.

The 26-year-old singer has been given her biggest job yet. Ora revealed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on August 30 that she is going to the Vatican and sing for Pope Francis. The Catholic churches of Albania and Kosovo are organizing a commemorative ceremony in Vatican City on September 4 in honor of the late Mother Theresa. Ora has been invited to sing at the concert, which will precede the commemoration ceremony, at St. Basilica on September 3, reports Balkan Insight.

She added that she doesn't remember the words to the hymn "Greensleeves," which she is supposed to sing at the concert. When Fallon asked Ora what she plans to do when she sees the Pope at the Vatican, she jokingly responded, "I'm going to do a whole 'What's up Pope' thing," Ora said.

"Sometimes, for whatever reason, something just comes out of your mouth in a rehearsal room that for some strange reason, works perfectly with what you're playing on your guitar. Sometimes it's fun to sing, it sticks. Sometimes, it happens to be a real person. And sometimes, that person inspires a lot of opinion."

"Just had a mini heart attack looking at that," one fan wrote.

"Lovely walking up to a picture of that, you beauty," another added.

This isn't the first time that Ora has posed for the racy calendar. Last year, she dressed up in a PVC Santa costume for the annual holiday calendar, reports the Daily Mail. Thankfully, the Vatican doesn't know about Ora's naughty Christmas photos.