Jared Haibon Gives Update On Caila Quinn Relationship, Reveals If He Will Do ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Again

Last night everyone saw Jared Haibon leave Bachelor in Paradise and going home with Caila Quinn. On After Paradise, they admitted that things didn’t last once they got home, but everyone is curious if these two might find a way to reconnect. ABC News was able to catch up with Jared Haibon and find out the details on how these two are doing now and if he wants to be on reality television again in the future.

Jared Haibon has been on The Bachelorette and then also on Bachelor in Paradise twice. Jared didn’t find his perfect person yet, but he did find his best friend Ashley I, who wants to be more than just friends. Jared shared if he would ever be on reality television again saying, “As much as I would love to just do it every year hopefully I will be in a loving relationship by the next time ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ airs. I’ve hit my ceiling. There’s no more. No mas for Jared. This is my last one.” Some fans mentioned wanting him as The Bachelor, but Nick Viall was the man chosen for that job.

It really does look like Jared Haibon is done with reality television, but others have said that before and returned. If Jared is still single next summer, they may try to get him to come back once again. Jared shared that he doesn’t have any regrets being on the show, but he won’t do it again. Even though Jared Haibon doesn’t want to date Ashley I, he still has great things to say about her. Jared spoke out about his thoughts on Ashley.

“She is an incredible person and somebody that I am very happy is a part of my life. She came into paradise like a wrecking ball as only she can do, which is one of the most endearing things about her that I love. She’s so raw! That’s Ashley. She is raw and she’s emotional and she’s vulnerable and she’s irrational at times and yet she is adorable and sweet and kind and honest and so I’m happy that things worked out the way they did.”

Reality TV World shared what happened with Jared Haibon and Caila Quinn. She explained that they couldn’t get over some things that went down on the show. Caila went on to say, “Friends call him often and he answers. And things were brought up that we couldn’t really let go of, and it made it really hard to go forward.” It does sound like part of their issues have to do with Ashley I, even though Caila didn’t call her out totally. Ashley I did admit that she was trying to protect Jared.

Ashley and Jared have never really dated, but they are so close to each other that it seems like Ashley still gets in the way of him having a great relationship with someone else. It may take Ashley moving on to someone new for Jared to find a relationship that will work for him. Jared Haibon and Caila Quinn both decided that their relationship was over, and it really does sound like his friendship wish Ashley I could have been part of the reason it didn’t last. Ashley says she realizes they are just friends now, but you never know with her.

Are you shocked to hear that Jared Haibon won’t be on Bachelor in Paradise again? Do you think that Jared will change his mind and do the show in the future? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching the last two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on next Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities]