Rosalind ‘Roz’ Ross: ‘Unraveled’ — Domestic Violence Plagued Relationship Before Deranged Lesbian Lover, Malika Willoughby, Murdered Basketball Star


Rosalind Ross, aka Roz Ross, the basketball star whose life was snuffed out by her obsessed lesbian girlfriend, Malika Willoughby, outside of Popeyes Chicken six years ago, will be featured in the upcoming documentary Unraveled on Investigation Discovery. The episode, titled “Never Say Goodbye,” tells the story of a promising athlete in a forbidden relationship with another woman whose possessiveness will change their lives forever. Listen in as detectives who worked the case go deep inside the mind of a killer.

A Mother’s Vision

According to ESPN, three days before Roz Ross was gunned down outside of Popeye’s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, her mother had a vision that she was lying inside of a casket. Her mother even shared the dream with Roz, who didn’t seem to be too alarmed by the dream’s significance. No one could have imagined that this mother’s worst nightmare would come true.

Tragedy Outside Of Popeyes

911 dispatchers received a call of shots fired at N. 62nd St. and W. Silver Spring Drive. The African American woman was lying on the ground unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head. Nearby video cameras had captured the lesbian lovers as they drove up, where an argument and a physical altercation ensued. Another woman can be seen exiting the car and retrieving a gun from the back. It’s the most disturbing and chilling video to watch once you know the story behind it.

The dead woman was Rosalind Ross, the star basketball player whom everyone called Roz. Her killer was Malika Willoughby, Roz’s roommate and lesbian partner. The couple had met each other during their teen years when they were both basketball players.

Roz Ross would go on to make a name for herself in her community for her clever basketball skills and her smooth style that everyone seemed to adore. Rosalind Ross and Malika Willoughby always had feelings for each other, even when they were both struggling to admit their lesbian identity.

A Love Forbidden

Years later, they reconnected, and a passionate and fiery love affair began. It wasn’t pleasing to their parents especially since they were both from traditional African American households, where the “gay thing” is generally not accepted, according to Community Journal.

Rosalind “Roz” Ross was her daddy’s baby. He had loved her and remained close to her from the beginning. It hurt him deeply when she “turned gay” as black folks say. It caused an estrangement between them–an estrangement that her father will forever regret.

Some believe that the distance between them made the relationship between Rosalind and Malika that much more forbidden and sweet. However, being with Malika Willoughby would mean the death of poor Roz.

They thought that if they could finally be together, everything would be fine. However, living together presented another huge problem. Instead of it making them closer, it ultimately destroyed their relationship. Malika Willoughby’s obsession with Rosalind Ross grew and with it came an anger and a jealousy that would send Malika into deranged fits, most of which she’d take out on Roz Ross. The two lovers would make up, and Roz would give Malika another chance.

Nightmare Becomes A Reality

Eventually, Roz Ross realized that she couldn’t make a future with someone like Malika Willoughby and decided to move forward with another woman. The plan was to move away with her new lover and take on new job. But first, Roz wanted to break it off officially with Malika, a move that proved to be deadly.

In September, 2010, three days after her mother’s dream, Rosalind Ross was shot dead. Her death ripped her parents’ hearts into pieces. For her father, the lesbianism no longer mattered to him. He just wanted Roz back, but it wasn’t to be. Malika Willoughby was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to only 13 years in prison.

Watch Roz Ross and Malika Willoughby’s shocking story on Unraveled this Thursday, September 1 at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. In the previous episode of Unraveled, they presented the case of James Krumm.

[Photo by Ron Schwane/AP File]