'Alaskan Bush People': Who Is Bam Brown's New Flame, Allison Kagan?

The Alaskan Bush People have become an obsession for many Americans. One of the recent developments in the family so many have come to love is a reported new love interest for Joshua "Bam" Brown. Her name is Allison Kagan. Most people know that Allison is a producer on Alaskan Bush People, but they don't know much else. Recently, we've learned a little more about the woman who has stolen Bam's heart.

News of ABP's Bam Brown broke a few weeks ago when some pics of him and Kagan appeared on social media.


The pic above shows Kagan with the Brown son in New York's Grand Central Station Oyster Bar. As you can see, it's just Bam and Allison -- no family. And there was this one of Bam in New York, also without the family.


Another one, which has since been removed, showed them posing for a selfie. Bam thanked some people who helped make their three-week trip to New York happen and then called Kagan one of his favorite people in the world.

Of course, as soon as fans of Alaskan Bush People caught wind of the romance, everyone was in search of anything they could learn about Allison. We quickly learned that she and Bam met while ABP was filming. Kagan is a producer on the show and has even directed some episodes. Recently, a few more things have been revealed about Kagan, and her involvement with the Alaskan Bush People show has led to some questions about the upcoming season.

Allison's official title with Alaskan Bush People is the supervising field producer, according to IMDb. She has also worked a camera on other reality shows like 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2. Kagan has also worked as a series producer for HGTV shows like Caribbean Life. Kagan also has credits for TLC shows, as well as MTV, BMG, and OWN. She's a true professional. Staff Me Up indicates that Allison is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany and has been nominated for Emmy Awards in Educational Programming as well as nominations for awards from Producer's Guild of America and National Press Photographers. The site also indicates that Kagan's home is in New York, New York.


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Rumors that Bam and Kagan already being married have been circulating but have not been either confirmed or denied by Discovery or any of the Browns. There was this photo of Bam at a Paul McCartney concert, however, that shows a ring on his "wedding ring" finger.


So are Bam and Allison and good match? Well, time will tell on that. They do share an interest in electronics and both enjoy photography!

What will the new season of Alaskan Bush People hold for the couple? Will their relationship be acknowledged? We probably won't know the answer to that question until the new episodes make it to the air. Won't Allison's involvement in the production of the show make filming complicated? Maybe. We don't really know how long they have been involved so we don't know if it's something that had to be worked around in previous seasons or not.

As to why Discovery would choose to keep the relationship between Kagan and Bam a secret, there are two theories. The first theory is that supposedly Bam gets more female fan letters than any of the other Alaskan Bush People sons, and Discovery doesn't want that to change. The other is that it would take away from the focus of ABP. The show is supposed to be about the family building a life in the Alaskan bush and building Brown Town. Pulling in a relationship between Bam and an Alaskan Bush People producer would detract from that focus.

[Image via Discovery]