Madonna Pulls an “Oprah”

Or maybe we can call it a “Ricki”?

This super-diva has been in the news so much, I guess she was riding on a high and decided to just keep on going: her next venture is decidedly selfless and much better than her other press of late.

Madonna had released in Elle that she’ll be following the footsteps of both Oprah and Ricki Lake and building a girls’ school in Malawi, and it looks like her plans have already been set into motion. She’s now got four majorly prominent individuals to oversee the project totaling millions.

“The women will play a big role in the future and rebirth of Malawi,” Madonna had stated in Elle.

My hope for the project is that it doesn’t turn out like Oprah’s in South Africa, rife with legal troubles and persistent, nasty rumors.

Um, but good luck to Madonna. If she finds a more thorough way to screen employees, then she’s golden.