'Looper'-Like Time Travel Possible, Scientists Say

Melissa Stusinski

Time travel has been a staple of science fiction for years, and the latest movie Looper is no exception. But it turns out that time travel is actually possible, according to physics laws -- though travel into the future is much more feasible than traveling to the past.

Looper's star actor is Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays an assassin named Joe, reports Yahoo! News. Joe kills targets who are sent back in time by the mob, but his job gets complicated when he is assigned to kill his future self (Bruce Willis).

In this instance, the use of time travel is put to use by the mob for nefarious purposes, making us wonder if something like it could ever actually happen. Edward Farhi, director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, stated:

"It's actually consistent with the laws of physics to change the rate at which clocks run. There's no question that you can skip into the future."

The theory shows that the faster you go, the more time appears to slow down. In this way, a person traveling on a fast starship could experience a two week long journey that appears to take 20 years on Earth.

Therefore, according to the theory, a person who wants to travel to the future just needs to board a ship fast enough to kill time. Farhi adds, "That was a huge thing when Einstein realized the flow of time was not a constant thing."

But no matter your speed, time will only progress forward, not backwards, leaving scientists struggling to figure out how someone can travel to the past. Farhi states:

"If you could go back in time, you could prevent your parents from getting together and making you. I think some people might say it ends there."

Do you think that time travel is possible?