'Teen Mom OG' Stars At War: How Can Everyone See How Creepy Amber Portwood's Fiancé Is But Her?

When it comes to her fiancé, Amber Portwood has a major blind spot.

On the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, the reality star changed her mind about calling off the wedding and wasn't afraid to show off her new engagement ring. Why doesn't Portwood realize just how creepy Matt Baier really is?

In Touch Weekly is reporting that fans got a first look at Baier's shady ways after he flirted with Farrah Abraham prior to the season premiere of Teen Mom OG. Of course, Baier then dished on Farrah in the last episode while Portwood stood by her man.

"She's [Abraham] a habitual line-stepper - any attention is good attention as far as she's concerned... But don't drag me into it, don't drag her into it. We considered her a friend. She's dead to me right now."
Portwood wasn't really affected by the situation. Instead, she praised Baier for not letting Abraham get on his nerves.

"I don't love him for his past, I love him for who he is today," Portwood revealed. "It's hard for people to comprehend that when all of his crazy exes are coming out with these insane stories."

According to Enstarz, Portwood is well aware that Baier flirted with Abraham. In fact, the reality star opened up about Baier's questionable actions but focused on Teen Mom costar Abraham's part in the controversy.

"Farrah called me a few days ago," Portwood stated. "I feel like she kind of pushes things that don't need to be pushed."

As far as Abraham is concerned, she is worried that Baier is scamming Portwood and will eventually break her heart.

"I feel sorry for Amber. She is manipulated by a scam artist and Matt even knows he's an idiot. In all honesty, they can take their disgusting relationship and stay the f**k away from me!" Abraham explained.

The reality star went on to drag Portwood's family into the mess and slammed her for not focusing on the well-being of her child.

"It seems to me she's chosen a man-boy over her daughter, and now I see why Gary [Shirley] has Leah," Abraham said. "I don't care to hear about Amber's custody issues as its clear what she chose — not to be a full-time mom."

As fans will recall, Baier first reached out to Abraham on social media in 2014. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Baier told Abraham that he was a "big fan" of her and that she was "very beautiful."

Baier's interactions with Abraham came right before he started dating Portwood.

Of course, Baier's issues span beyond his flirts with Portwood's co-stars.

Reality Tea is reporting that Portwood originally called off her engagement to Baier because of his multiple child support cases -- nine in total -- and because of the online backlash they received from fans.

In addition to his illegitimate children, Design & Trend revealed that Baier has been arrested for assault, DUI, and issuing bad checks.

After Baier's past had been revealed, Portwood tried to stay neutral before taking a stance on the issue. Apparently, Portwood found out whatever truth she needed, and their engagement is now back on.

Not only did Portwood promise fans that the truth about Baier would be revealed this season, but she also revealed that they would tackle the delicate issue of online bullying.

For Abraham, Portwood's attempts to render Baier in a good light on Teen Mom OG were a joke.

"Watching this season of Teen Mom OG is a joke. They have some random guy acting like their friend, talking about Matt's sobriety yet [he's] drinking, and has crazy tattoos of Twitter handles. There are warning signs all around Matt."
Fans can watch the drama continue to unfold when new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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