WWE News: Bo Dallas Arrest Details Emerge From DFW Airport Incident

The WWE news that superstar Bo Dallas was arrested in Dallas was just rumors at first. The news was broke by Steven Bell from The Late Shift podcast, who claimed that he saw Dallas at the DFW Airport and that Bo was drunk and was kicked off his plane. The WWE rumors were indeed true as a Bo Dallas arrest did occur after he got off the plane.

The DFW Airport DPS released a police report that proves that Bo Dallas was not only kicked off the airplane but also arrested last Friday night. Bo Dallas, whose real name is Taylor Rotunda, allegedly told the police that he had been drinking and wasn’t “planning on driving tonight.” The police decided he was drunk enough to be a danger to himself and others so they placed him under arrest.

PWInsider also reported that Bo Dallas was not at the WWE Monday Night Raw television tapings and that he was pulled from house shows over the weekend where he was scheduled to team up with Curtis Axel.

According to the original reports by Steven Bell, Bo Dallas was drinking in the DFW airport bar with some fellow WWE superstars. He said that when Bo left the bar, he was singing songs from the movie The Lion King. He said that Dallas was singing loudly on the airplane as well when he was asked to quiet down. He launched into a tirade and cursed out the pilot before leaving the plane.

Bell said that he did not know what happened to Bo Dallas after that, but it appears that the pilot called airport security and sent police looking for Dallas in the airport. That is when they found him and decided to arrest him.

Bo Dallas is the son of WWE Hall of Fame star Mike Rotunda, who reached his highest level of success under the name IRS in the ’80s. He is also the grandson of the legendary Blackjack Mulligan, meaning his uncles are Barry Windham and Kendall Windham and his brother is Bray Wyatt.

This also isn’t the first time that Bo Dallas has gotten in trouble when it comes to alcohol. In 2012, Bo was arrested and charged with a DUI. At this time, Dallas was wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling, which was the precursor for NXT in the WWE developmental system.

Bo Dallas was pulled over in Tampa, Florida, and was given a breathalyzer test. Bo blew levels of.166 and.178, which was far above the legal limit of.08 for the state of Florida. Dallas was 21 at the time of that arrest.

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While the WWE frowns on situations like this, it didn’t seem to hurt Bo Dallas. Two months after this arrest, Bo made his NXT debut and won a chance to enter the WWE Royal Rumble match the next January as the NXT participant. The fans hated his good guy persona, so the WWE tweaked things to make him a happy delusional heel that thinks he is a face.

In June 2013, one year after debuting in NXT and just over a year since his DUI arrest, Bo Dallas beat Big E Langston for the NXT title. Bo held the NXT title for nine months before losing it to Neville and making his move to the WWE main roster.

Dallas has been stuck as a jobber since his shtick didn’t go over as well with the WWE fans as it did in NXT. With the Bo Dallas arrest news, there is a good chance he won’t be going anywhere soon with the WWE.

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