America For Jesus 2012: Christian Conservatives Hope To Spark Religious Revival With 40 Days Of Prayer

President Obama is going to have some stiff competition this November. Not only will he have to contend with GOP candidate Mitt Romney but the president will also have to beat out Jesus Christ himself. A Christian Conservative group has started the “America For Jesus 2012” campaign with the hopes of sparking a religious revival in America.

According to the Star Tribune, the people behind America For Jesus 2012 believe that many of the country’s problems have been caused by moral depravity.

The website reads:

“America is in a state of emergency evidenced by the symptoms of widespread moral depravity and economic meltdown … Education, government, and man’s wisdom cannot solve this problem.”

A prayer assembly will be held this weekend at the Independence Mall. Pat Robertson, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, and several preachers from around the country will be speaking this weekend.

ABC reports America For Jesus 2012 is nonpartisan. The group does, however, hope to influence whoever is in office next year to be mindful of Christian values.

John Blanchard, the executive pastor of Rock Church International in Virginia and national coordinator for the event, said:

“We are praying that God would touch America. We’re not Democrats and Republicans. We’re Christians.”

The prayer event may bill itself as nonpartisan but several of the speakers have been outwardly against President Obama due to his stance on gay marriage.

The America For Jesus 2012 Rally is asking people to pray for 40 days for the country to turn toward god. The 40 days of prayer will end on the day of the election.

What do you think of the prayer rally? Does America need to eliminate its sins to move forward?