Cleveland Browns Can’t Seem To Break Through This Season

The Cleveland Browns have a promising future with rookie quarterback and running back and some good efforts through the first four games this NFL season. Now all the team needs is a win.

The Browns grit and promise of its young players was again on display Thursday night in the team’s matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, but Cleveland still failed to break through for a victory. The team now stands at 0-4, continuing a stretch of slow starts of the past few years.

The team has seen good play from rookie running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden, who has struggled with some inconsistency but showed good poise for a rookie (though at 28 he’s not exactly the average rookie).

As Sports Illustrated pointed out, the promise the team has showed in its four losses might not be much consolation for fans hungry for a winning season:

The Browns more than held their own in Baltimore, even had a chance to tie the game in the closing seconds, only to fall short, 23-16.

How many times have Cleveland fans seen this same script unfold, though: Their team battling hard and doing just enough to make a loss extra frustrating. If Weeden had not thrown a miserable pick-6 to Cary Williams late in the third quarter, if Little had caught an open touchdown pass in the fourth, maybe things would have turned out differently for the Browns.

Instead, the Browns are 0-4 and headed toward another disheartening season.

So while all the pieces are there, and the effort is there, it will take something more for the Cleveland to start winning, Sports Illustrated writes:

Downtrodden teams talk all the time about changing a culture when losing has become the norm. The Browns are not there yet — they may not even be that close — but a game like Thursday can serve as a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Cleveland Browns almost found that light against the Ravens, notes. The team had the ball with less than one minute left and was moving on the Baltimore Ravens before Weeden’s fourth-down pass in the endzone fell incomplete.