Vampire Sex Cult: Pittsburgh Man Sentenced For Twisted Sex 'Role-Play' Attacks

Trib Live was the first to report that 22-year-old Jonathan Ryan Davis was sentenced this week for a horrifically bizarre sex act he committed that involved having sex with a 14-year-old girl, having her and two other girls cut themselves and feed him their blood while role-playing as vampires, and then calling the three girls his new daughters in his vampire sex cult.

Surprisingly, Davis is not facing any jail time. Instead, he is being placed under house arrest for two years and probation for 10 years, a period during which he is not allowed to use the internet for recreational purposes, have any unsupervised interactions with minors other than his five-year-old son, drink alcohol, or have sex. If Jonathan violates those terms, he could go to jail for a long time.

According to a WPXI Pittsburgh news segment, Davis told police that he had gotten inspiration for his strange sexual vampire encounter from an online role-playing game called Mabinogi. He says it was also the game that prompted him to, after lapping up blood from his three victims' wrists, call each of the girls one of his "bio-children." Davis told the girls he would act as their "dad" in the group he was orchestrating, which he himself described as "cult-like."

To add to the twisted nature of the vampire sex ritual, it should be noted that it took place in the stairwell of an operating Catholic church located in Vandergrift, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Davis seemed apologetic in his recent court hearing, saying that he was sorry to everyone he involved in the odd incident.

"I'm sorry for everything, all the pain and suffering I had everyone go through in this case," he told the court.

The court has its doubts about Davis's sincerity, though, especially given the fact that he is fresh off the heels of another probation he received several years ago; when he was 17 years old, Davis was taken to juvenile court for having sex with and impregnating a 12-year-old girl, hence the aforementioned five year-old son.

District attorneys remarked in court on Thursday that the short probation he had endured seemed not to have taught Davis his lesson, and they expressed hope that a considerably longer probation period, along with the intensive counseling he is to undergo during that period for his sex deviance and vampire delusions, will have more of an effect on his affinity for underage sex.

The WXPI piece reports Davis's judge told him that, unlike last time he faced charges, he is now an adult and he has to start acting like one instead of a vampire cultist from an online MMORPG.

The case's prosecutors did their best to push for a minimum of two years of jail time for the sex criminal, but the judge, Richard McCormick Jr., thought that the lengthy house arrest and probation, as well as having Davis register as a sex offender for the next 25 years, was a fair compromise that would allow Davis to be rehabilitated through regular treatment.

"At this point, the court is satisfied this sentence will meet the requirement of punishment, rehabilitation and the protection of the community," McCormick said.

Another factor that helped ease Davis's sentence is that he has not acted up by breaking any laws since the vampire sex cult incident actually took place in 2014.

In addition, the sex, while still considered rape, was consensual. Muddying the waters is the fact that both Jonathan and his victim were supposedly quite drunk at the time they had sex.

Hopefully, Davis has gotten the message that vampire sex cults should be confined only to the annals of the internet.

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