Remote Viewing ‘Time-Cross Project’ To Report Tomorrow’s News Today: Experiment To Study Psychic Ability To Report Future News

An experiment to study psychic ability to report news is underway, known as the Time-Cross Project. Is it possible that we could report tomorrow’s news today?

The Farsight Institute has been studying remote viewing since 1995. Recently, they have been testing the theory that remote viewers can report future news.

What exactly is remote viewing? According to Farsight, remote viewing is a trainable and controlled mental process that involves the psychic ability to transfer information that is completely unknown to them. Remote viewing takes time, training, and practice.

The U.S. military and intelligence services originally funded remote viewing experiments for the purpose of espionage. The understanding of remote viewing has greatly increased throughout the years and can demonstrated operationally and in laboratories.

Remote viewers are experimenting with reporting future news
Recently, the Farsight Institute has taken remote viewing to the next level by experimenting with reporting future news. What they are trying to do is predict the news one month before it happens.

Farsight videotapes all remote-viewing sessions and uploads them to YouTube. The production date is listed on the video so that viewers can be certain they were made a month in advance while the remote viewers were completely unaware of such events occurring.

Although this is completely experimental, Farsight has had much success so far predicting seriously important and big news.

In May 2016, Farsight recorded a remote-viewer predicting the Orlando Massacre, which did, in fact, occur in June. I’m sure you can’t forget the night that 50 people died and many injured after a shooting that occurred at an Orlando nightclub.

Another amazingly accurate prediction made by the Farsight Institute was the Istanbul Airport Terror Bombing. The video session was uploaded to Farsight, as well as YouTube on May 30, 2016. The airport bombing took place on June 28, 2016. Take a look at the YouTube video where a remote-viewer accurately predicted the terrorist event.

Interestingly, remote-viewers were also able to predict the large protests throughout the U.S. that occurred during the month of July. The video on Farsight and YouTube were recorded in June 2016.

While remote-viewing is difficult for many to understand and even hard for some to believe, it certainly is an eye-opener seeing what the experiment has shown so far.

E.M. (“Gene”) Nicolay is a truly remarkable remote-viewer. In fact, Gene has been contacted numerous times by the government and corporations in order to see his thoughts on certain aspects.

Gene is so remarkable that he has learned to live a secluded, low-profile life in order to keep a normal life.

Dr. Kathy J. Forti claims to have known Gene for many years and mentions that in 2010, he warned her that her flight to Egypt in 2011 would be canceled due to civil unrest. Further, Gene advised her to buy travel insurance in case the trip was, indeed, canceled.

Sure enough, when the time came for Kathy to make the trip to Egypt, the country was in chaos and her trip was canceled. Kathy was thankful that she took the advice to purchase the travel insurance.

Gene also predicted a World War 3 in Syria right around the time that he mentioned Kathy’s trip being canceled. As Syria is taking a turn for the worst, it is a wonder if this is what the biblical prophesy predicted as being the “war of all wars.”

Aleppo, Syria after bombing

Here is a list of important events that Gene has predicted.

  1. The government will label the current war World War 3 in the later 2010s, although we are currently already experiencing it. When Russia helps Syria, a temporary calmness will take place, but terrorists will regroup after Western operations refund them. The war will spread to Lebanon and Jordan, the war will escalate and Europe and the Middle East will be destroyed with nuclear weapons. By 2025, many world economies will collapse.
  2. Palestinians will be exiled from Israel as they attempt to re-build the Temple Mount.
  3. Between 2017 and 2019, the U.S. will continue to have economic problems, but will return to its gold standard to cause a global currency reset.
  4. The federal government will file bankruptcy and will likely be in a civil war after states break off and form into regional unions.
  5. The U.S. will eventually be protected by Russia and China.

If remote-viewers could predict major future events, perhaps our country could be better prepared, or take steps to make changes to avoid certain events from occurring. While remote-viewing is certainly amazing and has proved to be possible, it will be interesting to know the final outcome of Farsight Institute’s remote-viewing experiment.

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