Eevee Plushie Is Coming To Build-A-Bear

A wild Eevee has been spotted at your local Build-A-Bear! As reported by The Mary Sue, the cute little Pokemon will be available for purchase on September 1st in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Eevee, a Normal-type Pokemon, looks like a mix between a fox and a rabbit, and is unique for its ability to evolve into eight possible Pokemon. Unfortunately, the Eevee plush toy offered at Build-A-Bear won’t be able to evolve into other variations – customers will only be able to purchase and stuff the standard Eevee plush. However, there are some options available for customization: Build-A-Bear will be selling two different outfits specially made for the Eevee plushies. The first is a cute set of pajamas custom-designed to accommodate an Eevee’s four legs and large ears. The pajama set is light blue and decorated with a pattern of Pokeballs. The other Eevee outfit choice is a fluffy cape covered in images of Eevee’s evolved forms.

The Eevee plush is small and only 14 inches high according to IGN, which is an accurate depiction considering the Pokemon is listed as one foot tall in the Bulbapedia. Customers will be able to purchase a Build-A-Bear Eevee plush for $28. This price includes the basic Eevee plush without accessories as well as a Build-A-Bear exclusive trading card. The pajamas for Eevee will cost $12.50, but the cape is only available as part of a $62 online-only special package that includes the Eevee plush, the cape, the pajamas, the exclusive trading card, and a special sound chip.

If the Build-A-Bear Eevee prices seem a little steep, or you just don’t want to have to stuff your own Eevee, there’s another option available. Bandai, a Japanese toy and video game company, released plans to sell an Eevee plush that doubles as a PC work cushion. As reported by Forbes, the Eevee plush will be available for sale in November and will “not only offer a separate cushioned armrest but also a very huggable Eevee plushie.” The Eevee plush detaches from the keyboard armrest cushion and can be played with separately.

Unfortunately for Eevee fans, the Bandai keyboard cushions will only be available in Japan for the foreseeable future. The Eevee plushies will retail for 5,616 yen, which converts to around $56 USD. If you can’t swing a plane ticket to Japan to pick up a cushion, the Build-A-Bear Eevee plush is still an option.

Eevee isn’t the first Pokemon to receive the toy treatment in recent months. Both Build-A-Bear and Bandai have already released plush versions of Pikachu, arguably the most recognizable Pokemon. It makes sense why retailers are hopping on the Pokemon train with Pikachu and Eevee products: Pokemon GO, a mobile game that allows users to “catch” Pokemon in their environments using mobile GPS, was hugely successful when it debuted this summer.

The launch of Pokemon GO was huge for Nintendo and appealed to multiple demographics: millennials who had grown up with the Pokemon anime series and trading cards found the Pokemon GO game to be a blast of 90s-themed nostalgia. Teens were excited by the immersive gameplay offered by Pokemon GO as well as the opportunity to engage themselves in something new.

Pokemon fans who are excited for the Build-A-Bear Eevee plush might be wondering why Eevee follows Pikachu to become the second available plush. While Nintendo has not confirmed this theory, some fans have theorized that the production of an Eevee plush is a reference to Pokemon Yellow, one of the earlier Pokemon games for Game Boy. In Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu is the player’s starter Pokemon and Eevee is the starter Pokemon for the player’s rival. Whether this is a subtle reference to the game or not, it’s clear based on the demand for Eevee and Pikachu toys that the Pokemon brand will continue to grow and expand.

[Image via Nintendo/IGN]